Bruce Irvin arrested for property damage

For the last few weeks I have been touting Bruce Irvin as a player I would the Cowboys to draft in round two come April to help the pass rush.

Now that may not be happening if Jerry Jones is strict about not drafting guys who were recently involved in breaking the law, read here.

Former WVU defensive end Bruce Irvin is facing destruction of property charges in Morgantown. The 24 year-old Irvin was arrested late Saturday night after he allegedly broke a sign at the Jimmy Johns Sandwich Shop on High Street.

Irvin has also been charged with destruction of property and disorderly conduct.

Not exactly a murder charge, but the timing of this sends up red flags about his maturity. He just had his Pro Day on Friday and he’s had trouble in his past too, read here.

Not sure if this throws him off the Cowboys board just yet because it’s not a drug charge or a gun charge. The team will have to get to the bottom of the issue if they were interested in drafting him.

I just contacted him about doing an interview on the podcast too. He gave me the ok but now that may not be an option because of this event…

Sidenote. Peyton Manning is going to the Broncos. Imagine Jerry trades for Tebow and make him the #3 QB over McGee. LMAO.

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2 Responses to Bruce Irvin arrested for property damage

  1. That freaking sucks!!! He’s like yours and mine favorite player. These kids has no sense man. I know sometimes things just happened but shiet! this sucks!

  2. Anonymous says:

    So he’s already 24? Isn’t Martellus just 25 years old? I sure hope he doesn’tt end up a late bloomer and become the nest Antonio Gates out there for the Giants.

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