Draft Day 101 Interior DL Rankings

Some of these guys are a definite possibility for the Cowboys…

We all know I have been talking about Fletcher Cox as a DE for the Cowboys because he’s got some pass rush to his game.


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4 Responses to Draft Day 101 Interior DL Rankings

  1. Worthy looks good though doesn’t he?

  2. Mr maylock says:

    I like Bigg Worthy too! wonder what Rob Thinks.

  3. The Soothsayer says:

    The only thing that is going to generate more pass rush for the Cowboys is to dump the 3-4 and transition back to the 4-3. A 4-man front creates pressure up the middle, which is what really gets into a quarterback’s head. It’s not about sacks. It’s about pressure in his face, not being able to step up into the pocket, that’s what rattles even the best quarterbacks.

    I remember back in the day when the Cowboys defense would line up and adjust, and the announcer would yell “FLEX!” Now that was a defense. It was all about angles and confusion, and it won football games and championships. Charlie Waters was the only player who could truly grasp it though. Dick Nolan did try to coach it in San Francisco, but he gave up after a year because it was too complex for his players to understand.

    It was a serious mistake for Jerry Jones to make when he listened to Bill “The Poison Pill” Parcells and agreed to dump a No. 1 ranked 4-3 in favor of an ill-fated 3-4 which did not and to this day does not suit the personnel. And how many playoff games has Dallas won since? One, against a deteriorating Philadelphia team.

    I read an article about two years ago by Pat Kirwan, whom I respect, and he argued that the 3-4 allows for more complicated blitz packages. Yeah, but how many Super Bowls has it really won? Go back and look at the history, and you’ll find that the 4-3 has won a lot more Super Bowls than the 3-4. The NY Football Giants being the most recent.

    Give me two hefty DTs in the middle, and transition Ratliff and Ware to DEs. Talk about pressure up front. I think we have the linebackers, particularly Sean Lee, to make it work. We still would need a good strong safety and additional depth at cornerback. But that would be the direction I’d like to see the Cowboys moving toward.

    Since Parcells, it’s been Wade Phillips and now Rob Ryan, supposedly the best 3-4 coaches in the league, notwithstanding Bill Belichick who actually runs a hybrid 3-4/4-3. And even he hasn’t had much success with that scheme lately.

    You tailor the scheme to fit the personnel. You don’t force the personnel into a scheme that doesn’t fit. But apparently that simple concept is beyond the capacity of management and the coaching staff to comprehend.

    But, hey, Parcells got his millions for his divorce settlement, and Jerry got his new stadium, which he is so proud of. But the Dallas Cowboys? They haven’t even sniffed a championship for far too long. That couldn’t possibly be because of management, coaching, and ill-suited schemes, could it?

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