The Football Show: Cowboys and Free Agency 2012

The Football Show talks about the Cowboys recent moves in Free Agency…

The Terence Newman era did not end as bad as the Roy Willians era. Or did it? And I am talking about the Safety.

I just don’t trust the Cowboys when it comes to offensive linemen and that’s based on the past failures.


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5 Responses to The Football Show: Cowboys and Free Agency 2012

  1. The Soothsayer says:

    It is Jerry Jones’s greatest failure as a general manager that he did not maintain the offensive line. He also failed to maintain the defensive line or to develop a backup quarterback.

    The war is won in the trenches. Thus, offensive and defensive lines have got to be your priorities. Aikman wouldn’t have been forced into early retirement if Jones had maintained the offensive line. But after 96, guys started showing up to training camp overweight and out of shape, and nothing was done about it. The culture of complancency had set in.

    As far as the backup quarterback goes, look, Landry and Johnson always had two quarterbacks. Whether it was Meredith and Morton, or Morton and Staubach, or Staubach and White, or Aikman and Walsh or Beurline, the Cowboys always used to develop the quarterback position. Maybe the backup could not replace the starter, but he was at least trade bait. Morton led the Cowboys and the Broncos to the Super Bowl. He happened to lose both times, but he did have value.

    Look at what Green Bay has done with Aaron Rogers. This guy stepped in and replaced the “Great” Brett Favre, and promptly won the Super Bowl. You have to maintain the offensive line and develop the quarterback position in order to be successful in the NFL. It’s as simple as that.

    But defense does win championships. Look at New York. The run a 4-3 and generate pressure up the middle. And they’ve beaten the “Great” Tom Brady twice in the Super Bowl.

    Jerry Jones does not know what he’s doing. It’s so obvious. He has what is known as Magpie Syndrome. He likes bright, shiny things. He won’t invest in the trench workers, but he will overpay for the skill positions. This is what years of bad drafts, doomed trades, failed free agent signings, and poor coaching hires will get you–one first-round playoff victory in 16 years.

    At some point you have to question the scouting department, the coaching staff and general management. Back in the day, Tex Schramm, Tom Landry and Gil Brandt built America’s Team. 17 consecutive opening game victories, 20 consecutive winning seasons, more playoff appearances and victories, more conference championship appearances and victories, more Super Bowl appearances than any other team. They lost some, mostly due to conspiracy, and won some, mostly due to determination, but they were always in the mix.

    These days the Dallas Cowboys are a national joke. You can thank Jerry Jones for that. All he apparently cares about is his monument to himself, his magnificent stadium. Hey, when Texas Stadium opened, the Cowboys went on a ten game winning streak and won the Super Bowl. Since Jerry World opened, the Cowboys have won one playoff game, and failed to make the playoffs the last two years.

    I have zero confidence in Jason Garrett. His schemes are too predictable. Opposing defenses know exactly where the ball is going based on the personnel formations. And Rob Ryan, please. This guy is Bungalow Bill at his worst. I don’t care who they bring in, this team is going nowhere for the foreseeable future. The scouting department, the coaching staff, and general management are proof of that.

    Still, I have to believe the Cowboys are going to win, in spite of it all. This is my life, has been for 51 years. I have to believe the Cowboys are going to win, even though the evidence suggests the contrary.

    I’ve come to truly hate Jerry Jones, and I’m boycotting Jerry World from now on.

  2. Mr maylock says:

    I promise if Jason Garrett Gives CB Josh Robinson a Interview ,he will be a Cowboy,He”s Janoris Jenkins if he was clean.

  3. DaBoogityMan says:

    Offensive lines are a strange animal — the ultimate team concept. You can take a D Line with 2 really good players & cover up the deficiencies of 1 or 2 of the other llinemen.
    A really good safety can work wonders even when paired with a mediocre safety at the other spot. A Great reciever can make that 2nd & 3rd WR look like all pro material.
    A great linebacker can make fans forget about the other 2 or 3 LBs in that tier.
    An Offensive line is a little different. The unit is only as good as the weakest link. Look at those 90’s O lines — They were good as a unit, but when 1 struggled, the offense struggled. The O line must work as a unit — if the guard, on either side, dont trust the Tackles or the center to do his job — or if one of those guys dont do his job on a given play, the whole unit looks bad. Thats usually because bad things tend to happen when the O line breaks down & they dont get considerations when they come back & make up for it on the next play. If a safety gives up a big play then turns around & forces a fumble on the next play, he is usually forgiven. If a D lineman jumps & draws the flag — then turns around & sacks the QB on the next play for a 7 yard loss, he is usually forgiven. If a WR drops a ball on 2nd & 10 that could have picked up a first down — he is instantly redeemed if he catches a clutch TD pass or a first down grab on 3rd & long. If an O lineman gives up a sack he is slammed by the fans — but when he goes to the next play & opens a hole for the RB to go 30 yards for a TD — the RB is the one that gets his name on the highlight reel! Its the nature of the position, I guess.

  4. Anonymous says:

    I thought Colmubo, Kosier and Davis were good pickups for the Cowboys. The problem is not drafting o line in 1st 2 rounds.

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