Video: Emmitt – “It’s the Triplets Baby”

This video is just so awesome and helps bring me back to the days of glory…

That team was like an army unto themselves. The opposing teams lost games to that crew even when they played the best games. That’s how good the early 90’s Cowboys were people!


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One Response to Video: Emmitt – “It’s the Triplets Baby”

  1. The Soothsayer says:

    Yeah, it was a perfect storm, but it took a while to develop. 89, 90, 91 were the rebuilding years. It all came together in 92-93. Now that was a football team.

    A lot of those core players were actually drafted by Landry–Irvin, Tuinei, Norton, Bates, Hennings, among others. I think Irvin benefited greatly from having one year to study game film with Landry. No one could break down game film like him. I wish Aikman had been afforded that same benefit. There is no telling what he could have accomplished if he had had just one year of studying game film with Landry.

    But it was not to be. In came Johnson, and after a couple of trades–the Herschell Walker deal which allowed Dallas to draft Emmitt, and the Charles Haley deal which provided the Missing Link on defense–and some good drafts–Woodson, Gant, Williams, Stepnoski, Johnston, among others–everything fell into place. And they were truly unstoppable.

    Johnson knew how to build a football team, from the inside out. But he enjoyed the luxury of having a core of players drafted and groomed by Landry to build upon. Proof of that is the fact that he couldn’t replicate his success in Miami.

    Of course, Jerry allowed his ego to get the best of him, and the team that Landry and Johnson built began to fall apart after 95-96. It’s been a long, slow, miserable decline since then.

    I like some of the moves Dallas has made in free agency thus far. We seriously needed a press corner, and improvement at the interior line and in the secondary. However, what looks good on paper doesn’t always translate into production on the field. So, we’ll just have to see what these Cowboys bring.

    I will say this though. Kyle Orton is no Bernie Kosar. Remember that game, Fanatic, the 93 Conference Championship? Aikman got speared on the chin and knocked out of the game. Kosar came in and led to team to victory over the hated 49ers. Did you know that the next day every jersey with Kosar’s name and number sold out? Every single one, in 24 hours no less. They emptied entire warehouses to satisfy the demand. It was all those crazy Cleveland Browns fans. They have a rather large underground network, you know, and they loved them some Bernie Kosar. When he won that game, it was Katie bar the door. Every single jersey sold out nationwide the next day. Think about that.

    I still remember Kosar taking a knee on the last play of the Super Bowl that year. He was all smiles, and deservedly so. He earned that ring.

    I seriously doubt that Kyle Orton could garner that kind of response, even if he came off the bench and won the Super Bowl. I’m not saying, just saying.

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