DCFanatic Radio – Live tonight at 11:00pm Eastern

We go live tonight at 11:00pm Eastern to talk about the Cowboys recent moves in Free Agency…

DCFanatic Radio – Mar 16th

The live chat room will be open as well – Go here.

Hope you guys enjoy the show!


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Love the Dallas Cowboys.
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4 Responses to DCFanatic Radio – Live tonight at 11:00pm Eastern

  1. dknucklehead says:

    Good show tonight DC.

  2. The U says:

    With the 14th pick Dallas selects FS/CB Stephon Gilmore with the 2nd pic Ronnell lewis 3rd pic Coby Fleener 4th Tommy Streeter

  3. scottmaui says:

    hey, I enjoyed the end of the show and a little “inside football” on the indy sites working together, interesting stuff and I’m glad you let the recording roll. But now you’ve got me all excited for camp and we still have a month before the draft! anyway you and Raf complement each other very well and I look forward to what you cook up for camp coverage.

    • Thanks Scott. Thought it would be interesting. Thanks for always supporting the indy sites over the years too. Got an ok from Bruce Irvin today and he’s going to do an interview with me and Raf soon. Would love to grab him in the second round.

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