Broaddus breaks down Cowboys free agent pickups

Bryan Broaddus breaks down Cowboys free agent pickups…

That’s what I noticed about Carr as well. If he can avoid being involved in a tackle he will. But he’s probably like 95% of the CB’s in this league. As long as he doesn’t just avoid the tackle right in front of him it will be ok. Mike Jenkins. Twice.

Can’t see why anyone would be mad at the Kyle Orton signing. He’s 39 times better than McGee. Same with Vickers.

Pool stinks. Why not go after OJ Atogwe? Seems the Redskins were using him as a Strong Safety on occasions and that’s not his game at all. Just don’t see the point in working with players who you know stink just because they are cheap. If this team was 11-5 last year then maybe you get away with a player or two like that. But 14-18 over the last two seasons tells me to stop with the ‘familiar’ players like Pool and Kevin Ogletree.

The two offensive lineman. Five years for the Bengals worst offensive lineman who is 30 and they didn’t want back? Livings is going to start and you are going to be disappointed. Let’s hope they find some gems in the draft.


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3 Responses to Broaddus breaks down Cowboys free agent pickups

  1. pick 14 says:

    He is right Pool is garbage at FS, We should draft Stephon Gilmore at FS because he would hurt D. Jackson ,have you seen this guy hit!

  2. Glenn says:

    Comes back to available money. Poole is a JAG. Hope they draft a safety in the 2nd or 3rd round. 14th is too good a pick to use on Barron. Still prefer a pass rusher. Puzzled me with the Livings & MacKenzie signings. Didn’t seem to be the top tier of players and Livings they gave a long term deal? I was ok with Kosier & hoping Nagy or Arkin would step up. I really liked Arkin’s ability to move in the preseason then never saw him again. Nagy was doing alright. So are these new guys any better? Like the Connors signing. Not a big fan of Orton as a starting QB, very average but as a back up he’s a very good pick up. If QB’s go down his stock goes up and we may pick up a nice draft pick with a trade out. That was a very shrewd signing. Think Chicago would have made the playoffs if he was the QB instead of Caleb?

    Let’s ask this question. Do we sign Wembley and pull the tender to Spencer?

  3. Anonymous says:

    They just learned they have $10M less to work with this year but managed to get the CB they wanted. Why would anyone expect the Cowboys to be able to get a top shelf CB and G and Safety?

    They’re just trying to fill out a roster man. There are certain players they KNOW they don’t want back but someone has to man the position. Sooooo, they hope to at least slightly improve their positions for reasonable money knowing that at some point down the road the Sean Lee’s, Dez Bryant’s and Mike Jenkins’s will have to be offered a second contract. Some of these guys might get cut before the regular season.

    No draft position scares me more than safety in the first round.Its a position you shouldn’t have to draft in the first round to begin with and then if you bust on it, like it looks Reggie Nelson and Sean Jones would have been in the past drafts, it’s double bad. I kinda like the idea of getting the old multiple all Pro Safety past his prime approach while hoping one of these days they will find a young mid to late rounder that becomes a pro bowl quality safety for them. Over the years they could have gotten some good mileage and maybe have some technique rub off of Ty Law, Rodney Harrison and Brian Dawkins.

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