Brandon Carr on with GAC today

Here’s Brandon Carr talking with two of my favorite people in the world earlier today…

Carr on GAC – Mar 15th

Jerry using the Jerrytron to impress the new guy! lol. Jerry also brought in Ware. Witten, Austin and Sean Lee to have dinner with Carr. Would have been nice to hear Romo was there for the dinner, but maybe he was with the wife who is due to have a baby soon.

Will be putting some vids of Carr vs other teams over next week or so.


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2 Responses to Brandon Carr on with GAC today

  1. Da U says:

    Brandon Carr vs Victor Cruz,M. Jenkins vs H. Nicks,Scandrick vs Olgetree, Josh Robinson (4.33) vs D. Jackson (4.37) oops!

  2. pick 14 says:

    With the 14th pick the Cowboys select FS/CB ,Stephon Gilmore,number1 tackler at corner,3rd in the 40 at corner,2nd in size at corner& he is clean!

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