Chose this game to do second because he gave up passes to Tom Brady. But here’s the good thing. When he gives up a catch, which all CB’s do, he’s always in position simultaneously to make the tackle. And he’s alway trying to strip the ball as well.

This game got out of hand so the second half was boring. Carr does a few thing vs the run I like. He understand to take on blocks and force the runner inside to his LB’s. And he’s usually looking past the block to identify where the ball carrier is while trying to control the blocker.

The one thing I noticed is that sometimes he isn’t willing to be the 3rd guy in on the tackle. If he sees a defender trying to take someone down he may just stand there instead of adding to the pile. If that’s the worst thing in his game the Cowboys will be fine.

Here’s Herm Edwards talking about Carr who he drafted while in Kansas City…


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  1. Dustan says:

    Damn hes making Namdi money pretty much. You think hes worth it?

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