Video: Brandon Carr vs the Packers – 12/18/2011

Here’s new Dallas Cowboy CB Brandon Carr vs the Packers and Aaron Rodgers last December…

The Chiefs went to a lot more man coverage when Romeo Crennel took over as head coach and it shows in this game. He does a good job of ‘fighting’ these WR’s at the line and never allowing them a free release if he’s in Press.

If you just look at the film overall you get the feeling they weren’t nterested in testing him all that much. Good sign. He’s not a target.


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3 Responses to Video: Brandon Carr vs the Packers – 12/18/2011

  1. Da U says:

    Carr is really good! you know CB Josh Robinson gotta little of Carr 2 his game ofUCF

  2. Glenn says:

    The stats put up here yesterday told a lot. Not targeted often, low completion percentage, low yards per attempt (4.5), only 3 TD’s, not penalized much, 4 picks and averages knocking down somewhere between 15-20 passes. Sorry but when does this team knock down a pass. We allow too much pitch and catch!

  3. Well DC, i have some bad news for you lol…We do have a corner on our team that opponents did complete over 80% of their passes to lmao. Dear lord, i hope we get Kirkpatrick or Janoris, if none, then they better get a fat ass like Ta’amu to plug the middle and move Rat to end and our problems would be alleviated. Ware’s sacks would go through the roof if we can col lap the middle! Then we don’t have to covet a pass rusher in the draft.

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