Connor is now joining Lee and Carter inside

The Cowboys have three young Inside Linebackers ready to take over the NFC East which is a good thing, read here.

Connor has spent the last two days at Valley Ranch visiting with coaches and front office officials. Connor spent his first four seasons with the Carolina Panthers, starting 19 games after the team made him a third-round pick in 2008.

In 15 games (11 starts) last season, Connor had 87 tackles and a forced fumble. He missed most of his rookie season with a serious knee injury.

The signing is interesting because the Cowboys used a second-round pick last year on Bruce Carter, who was coming off a torn anterior cruciate ligament. Carter played in 10 games last year in mostly a special teams’ role, finishing with eight tackles. Defensively he finished with one tackle and a pass deflection.

The Cowboys have preached their happiness with his progress but Connor would at least represent some veteran protection to play alongside Sean Lee, a fellow Penn State alum like Connor.

The fact that all three are working on rebuilt knees is a little worrisome if you ask me. You just never know when some swelling slows a guy down or the injury recurs.

I know the team needed another ILB because Brooking and Bradie were gone, but does this move say more about Connor being good or more about the team not having faith in Bruce Carter?

Connor when healthy was a good player. Let’s keep him healthy Jerry!


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3 Responses to Connor is now joining Lee and Carter inside

  1. Glenn says:

    Definitely like that we got younger with an experienced player. I still see Carter as the one with greater upside and what he brings in coverage. But at the very least this adds proven experience for depth, if not as the starter. Seems that he’s not thought of much in coverage. Don’t know him well at all to share any thoughts on him. But youth and experience is nice to see. I’m sensing some sort of defensive lineman with the 14th pick.

  2. Here is what the signing of Conner and Poole says.

    It says we have to work within a salary cap so we don’t have the luxury of going after the top free agent at every position. The only sure positive thing we can say about these guys is that they are not Elam and James or Brookings who we know can’t get it done.We’re saying that because we have a different body at those positions than we had last year at least we did something to man the spot, for better or for worse, so that our focus in the draft will be solely based on best available player that falls to us whether that is G, S, OLB, DE, DT etc etc.

    I say amen to that. It might take more than last year’s draft and this one to get you to where we want to be but it is definitely the right approach.

    Let’s never forget that after the draft, and teams take stock of the bounty they drafted, there will be a plethora of aging or cap casualty younger vets released that can be signed to short term, economical deals to patch up holes in the roster. That’s why it is important, after securing Carr and Orton, to keep your powder keg dry. That’s how New Orleans ended up with 9 INTs from for a bargain priced Darren Sharper the year they won their Superbowl. Ty Law and Rod Woodsen were that guy for a few years. Brian Dawkins is for Denver now. The question is who will be that next guy.

  3. Rob says:

    Connor adds depth to ILB; they now have 4 true ILBs if you include Orie Lemon. Also, there may be times next year when Dallas runs 4-3.

    I just watched Carolina vs. Atlanta 2011 and Bernardaux played very well. No penalties, good power, and Babineux couldn’t go around him or through him. Watched Livings vs. Haloti Ngata last year and he did a good job on him. Given our guard issues, these guys both work.

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