Video: Ryan and Carr talk about the big day for Cowboys

Here’s Rob Ryan with Steve Dennis talking about the big free agent signing today…

In Ryan’s defense he wants a physical CB to get up to the line and assault the WR on most occasions. The Cowboys think Carr can be this guy for them.

We should all agree Carr was overpaid. Then we should all understand that all Free Agents are overpaid. Once the minicamps begin we won’t even care about the contracts anymore.

The Cowboys made some good moves today. Just let me hear about them filling the need at Center too because I can’t see Phil Costa as the starter again.


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One Response to Video: Ryan and Carr talk about the big day for Cowboys

  1. Glenn says:

    Actually I’m ok with the money, it’s not mine! Seriously, it was a position of great need. We get a young, experienced and from the looks of it an upper tier CB. Means we don’t have to draft one in the 1st round now. Still need to draft 1 or 2, but they come come in the 2-4 rounds. All the signings were good. Vickers may be the most impressive to me as a surprise signing. He’s been blocking for 1000 yard guys almost every year. All top free agents are overpaid. Look what the Jags paid Robinson, that was insane for a 1 year performance and on a team that is hurting at QB even with Henne on board. I like them getting younger guys with all their signings. All in their prime with experience.

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