Kyle Orton is now a Dallas Cowboy

The Dallas Cowboys have a new backup QB…

Very good move. Think this will push Romo a little bit, but not really because he always knew Kitna could play at a high level as well. I do know that this move pushes Romo a hell of a lot more than Stephen McGee ever did or ever will.


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3 Responses to Kyle Orton is now a Dallas Cowboy

  1. Glenn says:

    It doesn’t change anything in the pecking order. You don’t have a top 10 QB benched for a back up. What it may signal is that McGee won’t be around much longer. They aren’t content with him as the primary back up. Felt we might have passed on a back up this year and gone for guys who will play in positions of great need with the lower cap room available. Tough to use the cap space for a guy who’ll hold a clip board most of the year. Probably paid him 2.5 to 3.5M per and that’s another chunk out of the cap. Guessing they already know Robinson is beyond their offer in making this deal.

  2. Push Romo? For what?

    Why does Romo need to be “pushed”?

    Great work ethic, great persona, etc… Why do you think he needs to be “pushed”, DC?

  3. Glenn says:

    Just inked Carr for over 50M for 5 years …..

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