Carr deal done and he’s a Cowboy

You know have your #1 CB and his name is Brandon Carr…

Great move. Now the opposing team doesn’t have a CB on the Cowboys they will get in the film room and target him 96% of the time. Carr does not give up yards after the catch which is a great attribute. Saves you a first down when the WR catches a five yard hitch on 3rd and 6.

Pro Football Weekly on the signing – Go here.

They also get a new FB in Vickers…

Still would like to hear they are signing Center Chris Myers from the Texans.


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5 Responses to Carr deal done and he’s a Cowboy

  1. Anonymous says:

    Love the Vickers signing.. As far as the center goes, I like the kid of Michigan in the 5th round. Only Free Agent I want over 30 is back up quarterback.

  2. Anonymous says:

    I like what we are doing going after young free agents with experience and the potiental to be more than just depth. The draft I want to see another corner, safety, center/guard, pass rushing de, pass rushing old. I hope we can resign robinson but last I heard jacksonville offered him 6 million a year and that’s way too much. We can get somebody else for that.

    • Glenn says:

      I agree, I like them getting younger guys that still have some prime years in front of them. Sorry, but I don’t see anyway that Robinson is signing here. Guy has to take the money and run!

  3. Glenn says:

    Statistically you have to be impressed. I don’t think as a team we’ve knocked down 28 passes the last 2 years, so that shows he’s on his man pretty darn tight. His overall QB ratings numbers are good keeping the opposition to under 80 is impressive. Albeit 2 games against Tebow who is feast or famine in the passing game. Brady & Rivers were more successful than the other QB’s as a whole. Only surrendered 3 TD’s and that’s impressive. Only a little over 4 yards per attempt jumps out at me. Not the guy to go after. Now that looks great on paper, but KC applied more pressure. We haven’t addressed this D line and the pass rush. No pass rush and you could have Carr, Woody, Deion and Charlie Waters back there and it wouldn’t be much different than what we watched the last few years.

  4. chris says:

    dc i love chris myers .. best center out there right now and these guys play into their late 40’s .. anyone remember ray donaldson back in the late 90’s

    plus we have nagy, kowalski & arkin to back up the position

    i say get myers and get a starting guard like kevin zeitler/silatolu in the 2nd

    save the 1st rd pick #14 for someone like fletcher cox or dont’a hightower

    maybe we could trade down with miami for one of their extra 3rd rd picks like bill jones said and get hightower at around #19

    if they got any cash left to spend i’d like to see mike adams (s) from cleveland (pff grades him as one of the top cover safeties in the nfl) and kellen davis (te) from chicago

    anyways now i’m psyched for the draft

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