Carr and Robinson still on the market

Day two of NFL freeagency and the Cowboys are still talking with CB Brandon Carr in Texas while Laurent Robinson is now in Jacksonville talking with the Jaguars…

Robinson is gone. He has like 4-5 other teams interested as well. Hopefully Carr gets locked up today by the Cowboys.


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4 Responses to Carr and Robinson still on the market

  1. Glenn says:

    Looks like they will get the Carr deal done, but I’m not expecting that Robinson returns. He’ll get a nice deal from someone to be a #2 receiver and that’s more than we can or should go after this cap fiasco.

  2. Anonymous says:

    Why not Mario Manningham? Hurt the G-Men and get a better 3-WR who makes big plays

    • Glenn says:

      A lot depends on any deal with Carr. If they get Carr and it’s over 8M then more signings will be very challenging. Haven’t seen the Orton numbers? Figuring now some cuts will be coming of other players to shed some cap space. They have to be getting tight with Orton and Carr if that goes down.

  3. I definitely think now that they are not in the sweepstake for Nick, Decastro is a cowboys for sure if he drops that low. I’m torn between Decastro, Janoris, or Kirkpatrick. One of these 3 at 14 would make my day…and also George Iloka or Bruce Irvin and i will throw a party!!!!

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