Cowboys making moves on Free Agency Day

Brandon Carr will not leave the Cowboys without a contract, trust.

They can’t overpay for a FB.

They could use another ILB behind Lee and Carter. Might even start over Carter. Davis the downfield threat the Cowboys wanted Marty B to become.

See ya Jesse.

Robinson is going to highest bidder.

They need a veteran backup to Romo.

The Giants and Marty B – LOL.

The Cowboys are starting the cuts to get into position to attack Free Agency.

Terence Newman and David Buehler have already been cut and will just add more names as they come along.

Coop and Nate talk about cuts and Free Agent possibilities – Go here.

Sidenote – Werder talks about cap penalty affecting Cowboys ability to resign Laurent Robinson – Go here.


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8 Responses to Cowboys making moves on Free Agency Day

  1. Anonymous says:

    I would rather have Eddie Royal and who can also return punts.

  2. chris says:

    hey dc, when u doing a new show on free agency?



  3. Glenn says:

    I’m liking the signing of Carr from the standpoint that it’s one less position of need with that first pick in the draft. Guy has experience and is supposed to be physical in press, which would be a welcome change from the 8 yard cushion that I’ve seen all too often. The cap hit yesterday likely removes a top tier guard from the equation. Either DeCastro or a defensive pass rusher is looking more likely. That cap hit will cost us depth on the roster which wasn’t our strong suit in the first place. Fiammetta going free was the first semi casualty with that situation. Not that he won’t sign for a lower number if the pickings get slim for him. Same scenario for Holley. He was due a bump if they gave him the restricted tender but they can sign him back at a lower number now if both sides agree.

  4. Anonymous says:

    Laurant Robinson will NOT be back, he can get a better deal somewhere else…

    b Carr is nothing more than a number two corner who is going to get paid at a number one corner salary rate

  5. Anonymous says:

    Martellus has value but I CAN’T STAND him! His personality sux! Giants fans are gonna find out what an idiot he is :/

  6. DC You think it’s all Cute & Funny that Marty B will be in NYG?! Really…? The dude is highly underrated in blocking schemes, running game/passing game and He was hardly ever utilized one on one down the seams. Eli Manning will take advantage of Bennett one on one against any LB, and in the red zone as well… Eli can throw a fade/jump ball vs. any 5’10 CD or 6’0 LB… A ball that your favorite QB Tony Romo CANNOT throw. lol I just had deja vu of Romo throwing back shoulder to Bennett x2 against WAS or TB cannot recall it was so long ago, and Marty B pointing up like “Hey dude I’m 6’6 with long arms and leaping ability”. Romo never came back to him. Dropped passes? Ya so what… Roy E. Drops them, Miles, Felix, Dez, Witten kicks them in the air for INT’s, T.O. etc etc it’s the nature of the NFL. If Jason Garrett, Judd, and the other brother (TE’s Coach) Were not so Robotic and Generic maybe they would have gotten more out of Martellus Bennett, instead the Cowboys having too many dead end routes. If I was Martellus I’d be happy to get out of this mediocre Franchise run by Jerry and Jason and go play for a 2xSB MVP Champion in Eli. In addition to his physical attributes, don’t think he will not spill every detail to the NYG Coaches/Players about the ins and outs of the DC Offense/Defense/Organization. Wait! Whom I fooling, just myself. Without any inside player “intel” the beat us twice last season on there own with handwork, dedication, and preparation. We will be losing, in my eyes, a real player in Bennett. The “acrobatic”, ESPN Highlights, of Dallas Cowboys Training Camp I witnessed in San Antonio will convert to real NFL Production in NYG. I’d bet on that.

    On a sidenote… I went on YouTube and searched Brandon Carr Highlights… Nothing came up. That’s a first. But perhaps it’s because he’s in KC. Or perhaps I’m just trying to look at the glass half full, because we are going to over pay for a #2 CB.

    • Glenn says:

      I’ve been surprised through the last few years that they didn’t get more creative with Bennett with all that size. Hard to take throws from Witten, Miles, Felix, Murray & Dez which is why Bennett as the last option did as well as could be expected in terms of number of catches. He was pretty good as a blocker, so that helped in general. He wasn’t ever going to push Witten out which may have affected his outlook. A bit immature early on for sure but thought he could have been more productive had they chosen to use his abilities. Not sure how much Romo trusted him in certain routes as he didn’t always run them according to design. Felt that you could see Romo get tentative with and get picked a few times over the years. I think he’ll be a good pick up for anyone looking to him as the featured TE as a receiver. He’ll get better with use in the passing game each week.

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