One big question for Eberflus and the Cowboys

One big question for Eberflus and the Cowboys…

Let’s go Tiger Woods!


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6 Responses to One big question for Eberflus and the Cowboys

  1. Anonymous says:

    Yeah… He showed up against the Redskins, Bucs, and Cardinals! Super!

    Sux but RGIII Is Gonna Burn em’. Vick will do the same. And Eli will get rid of the ball or hit his hot route like he did last year when Spencer didn’t show up.

  2. Michael S says:

    Spencer isn’t Ware but he’s not Bobby Carpenter. I don’t for one minute believe that when he files for income tax next April his gross income for 2012 will be $8.8M. He and the team will eventually work out a long term deal for something closer to $5-6M per season. Quite frankly I’m tired of all the bitching and moaning about it. He isn’t D Ware but who the hell is that you can get in this draft or any other draft if your picking at #20 later? Is he Bobby Carpenter?

    The draft is really a crap shoot. RG3 can end up being another Vince Young or JaMarcus Russell and the Redskins are paying 3 #1 draft picks plus a couple more picks to find out.

    You go on and on about past busts, get over it. Tell me one person who can draft nothing but productive players in the NFL draft? I bet you think New England is one of the teams that know what they are doing in the draft. Did you know that there isn’t a single player left on New England’s team from the 2007 draft? Here is a run down of some of their misses while we were missing on Carp, AOA, J Williams and a bunch of other players from 2009.

    Ben Watson: 2004 Draft, Round 1, Pick 32
    Laurence Maroney: 2006 Draft, Round 1, Pick 21
    Chad Jackson: 2006 Draft, Round 2, Pick 36
    Brandon Meriweather: 2007 Draft, Round 1, Pick 24
    Terrence Wheatley: 2008 Draft, Round 2, Pick 62
    Ron Brace: 2009 Draft, Round 2, Pick 40
    Darius Butler: 2009 Draft, Round 2, Pick 41
    Jermaine Cunningham: 2010 Draft, Round 2, Pick 53
    Taylor Price: 2010 Draft, Round 3, Pick 90

    To me, the important thing isn’t how you get the players. To me it’s how much you give up to get them. Is there another steal out there in FA like the Eagles found in Jason Babin who signed a five-year, $27.725 million contract then went on to rack up 18 sacks last season? The dude never got more than 5 sacks a year in 7 seasons before the age of 30. Then he gets 12.5 in a contract year with the Titans followed by the 18 last season. Can anyone say HGH? lol
    Can this be Spencer? Is it different coaching style? Is it different players around him?

    The way I look at it the draft busts don’t hurt as much as draft picks given away for FA busts. Obviously I want more just like everyone else but I try to be realistic. More than anything I think it comes down to good health, good coaching and a lot of luck.

    For the secondary, another low risk / low cost approach is to get a year or two out of a proven vet that has passed the age of 30 while you wait to hit the jack pot on one or two younger players you take in rounds 3 through 6. The Broncos have gotten good production from our ole nemesis Brian Dawkins. We could have had him. He would have been cheap too. Don’t tell me you don’t think a leader like him in our secondary the past three seasons. Look what New Orleans got from a very cheap Darren Sharper the year they won the Super Bowl. 9 INTs in the regular season, crucial big plays in the NFC title game and super-bowl. All that for an overall cap hit of $ 1,704,550. It doesn’t have to be a young player to help this team as long as it doesn’t jeopardize the future cap space or cost picks I am all for signing guys like Ed Reed, Troy Polomalu or anyone else of that caliber if they ever come available on a year by year basis to bring some leadership to the secondary. our problem was Terrence Newman was never a leader. I’d like to see what kind of effect a leader like Dawkins or Reed could have on Jenkins and Scandrick.

  3. My point exactly DC, why didn’t the organization sign Spencer to an extension if they thought THAT HIGHLY of a guy that they have to tag a franchise name on and took 8.8 million out of a badly needed cap space that we can sign guys like Nick or Carr or resign Robinson? Our GM is so bad that it’s a joke. I’m not saying Spencer sucks, he’s can be better, however, he’s taking up our cap space that we so badly need to upgrade our team! Welcome to mediocrity people.

  4. lostar2009 says:

    This crap seem like some fan programing by the Cowboys…

    I agree DC Ware was the guy doing his job aganist the Redskins.. if you really look at the play the RT did his job, Spencer was a no threat aganist Grossman. That FF was on the qb.

  5. Michael S. I know who they could have drafted. 2006 Consensus All-American 2006 Lombardi Award Winning 2006 Ted Hindricks Award Winning All Pro & Pro Bowl Winning LB LaMarr Woodley with the 46th pick out of Michigan. Instead they chose 2007 Rabold Award winner by the Indiana Football Coaches Association. lol Ever heard of that award? Ya me neither. Our Scouts, Our Owner, Our GM, Our Headcoach, Our Organization is too flawed to amount to Championships. Mediocrity & Money is the Foundation of this Organization.

  6. Anonymous says:

    DC, who is better the NFL at SOLB than Spencer? 1 player, Lamar Woodley. What were Clay Matthews numbers last year? How big plays did Ware have in the 4th quarter? Don’t tell me he was double team all the team. I think the defense as a whole needs to pick up their play. Spencer is not great but he is a lot better than what most Cowboy fans are giving him credit for.

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