The Football Show: Was Rob Ryan forced on Jason Garrett?

Today the guys at The Football Show brought it as usual with some great topics…

No one could ever convine me Jason Garrett wanted a loud mouth like Rob Ryan on his staff. He goes against everything Garrett preaches about not saying too much to the media and he’s exactly the guy Jerry wants in the mix because he garners headlines.

The problem with Ryan is that he talked a big game but then didn’t come close to walking a big game. If the Cowboys defense continues collapsing late in games Jerry will fire Ryan even if he keeps Garrett in place because he has no history with him. And we know he was never Garrett’s choice so he won’t care about losing him.

Jesse Holley is a joke. He was a joke last season when he made one catch that he couldn’t even get into the End Zone and then acting like he won the Super Bowl with his play. I’m glad these guys punk’d him today. Maybe he will stop talking in public now.


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