Should the Cowboys sign Steve Hutchinson?

The Vikings have cut former All Pro Guard Steve Hutchinson today, read here.

Hutchinson, a five-time first-team All-Pro pick, was the most significant departure, though at age 34 with a $6.95 million salary that was due this year he realized he was just as likely to be let go as any other number of veterans who don’t fit in the franchise’s future plan. Hutchinson left the Seattle Seahawks in 2006 to sign the richest contract for a guard in league history and gave the Vikings plenty of bang for their buck until injuries slowed him down in recent seasons.

Injuries and age mean he’s not an All Pro any more, but that doesn’t mean he can’t help the Cowboys for a year or two. Just remember last year people said Brian Waters was done as well.

Now why would I want an aging Guard added to an offensive line that s trying get younger?

Hutch was known as a technician. Kyle Kosier was a scrapper. These youg linemen on the Cowboys (Arkin and Nagy) could learn a ton from working with Hutch in practice everyday for a year or two. Arkin wasn’t ready to even play one down last season and Nagy only got in a month of work. Let them learn from one of the best.

Now this plan only really works if they have no plans for DeCastro in the draft. And I still want Nicks or Mathis in Free Agency. Give me Nicks/Mathis, Hutch, Arkin and Nagy over Kosier, Nagy, Holland, Dockery and Arkin any day of the week.


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