Redskins will draft RGIII after trading up

So the hated Redskins are giving away a fortune for the opportunity to draft Robert Griffin III next month…

I get the idea of giving up some value because RGIII could be a great player in the NFL for a very long time.

But they gave up too much. They just gave up three cornerstone players (2012 second round, 2013 first round and 2014 first round) for one player. The swap is what it is.

What would I have given up? I could see giving up the swap of this years picks and then next years first rounder. That’s it. And I know they would never move me into the position of a top five pick in any draft, but it’s all I can see giving up for one player.

Don’t think I am not pissed about the Skins getting a franchise player. I would have loved to see RGIII in a Cowboys uniform because I think he’s going to be a great QB for a very long time. But all players are one play away from never playing again. Now raise that risk just a tad because of the position he plays. And also think about this particular player who missed some time last season after suffering a concussion.

The Cowboys better find some pas rushers ASAP. Vick, Manning and RGIII. The NFC East is full of talented QB’s.


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5 Responses to Redskins will draft RGIII after trading up

  1. Michael S says:

    Joe Gibbs won three super bowls in the 80’s with a cast of rejects at QB. No one is worth 3 first round draft picks. No one. That includes all of history.

  2. Glenn says:

    Now you’re getting on board! We need pass rushers above all. They will make the back end better no matter who’s there. If not, doesn’t matter who’s back there! No rush, makes any QB look good and if they are slightly better than the rest, they really light us up. Pass rush is what is most desperately needed. I’ve been thinking for some time that we’re too wrapped up in Ratliff and he’s of no help getting pressure up the middle. Too light against the rush. Great competitor but he’s not helping the overall D. Makes some plays no question but overall I question if it’s a position that is hurting us straight up the middle?

  3. Anonymous says:

    RGIII sat out most of 09 over a knee injury. He didnt miss much time last year — if any…
    I still dont get the love affair with this guy??? Colt McCoy was a better college QB — if any of you could go back in time knowing what you know now — would you spend a 1st round pick on McCoy? Didnt think so…

    • Anonymous says:

      …the guy couldnt even lead his team to a conference title in a year when OU & the U of Texas both sucked! 3rd in the big 12 behind OK State & Kansas State….

      • Glenn says:

        Outside of the local USC games I don’t see many college games. Don’t really know how good these players are. The person I look to for insight on college players is Mike Mayock. I’ve felt him to be a pretty good judge of the tape and what to look for at each position. I thought the RGIII had a great season but probably his defense wasn’t equal to the task. Sounds familiar to me. That’s why its hard to judge an individual, they can’t carry their team beyond the inherit weaknesses.

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