Woody says franchising Spencer was wrong move

Seems Darren Woodson not a big fan of the Cowboys using the Franchise Tag on Anthony Spencer…

Woody talks Cowboys Free Agency moves

Exactly. Can we stop lowering the bar already. How much production were you losing if Spencer left and Butler got an opportunity? Very little.

They don’t have money for Mario Williams and he’s going to play in a 43 defense in my opinion.


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13 Responses to Woody says franchising Spencer was wrong move

  1. Juz Saying says:

    Brandon Carr a must!!!!!!!!

    • Suave says:

      Yessir. Get Carr, and draft a CB in the early rounds. The Cowboys would be set for years to come (assuming both players meet expectations, of course).

  2. Anonymous says:

    Mario Williams, seriously. Dude has been played a full season in the last 3 years. The Spencer bash is like a national past time for Cowboys. I keep asking how many SOLB are better than him in the league? 1, Lamar Woodley. Victor Butler, please.

    • Suave. says:

      The Spencer “bash” has merit. Until he makes team pay for applying extra attention towards Ware, the pass rush will continue to struggle.

      People need to stop making excuses for Spencer. I’m not asking for him to put up Ware’s numbers, but 8-10 sacks per year isn’t unreasonable to ask.

  3. Anonymous says:

    Brandon carr, and bruce irvin, fletcher cox, or melvin ingram a must.

  4. RodHollywood says:

    People need to stop comparing Anthony Spencer to Demarcus Ware! Nobody can be compared to Ware because he’s a freak of nature…one of a kind. Spencer is a good player, not to mention a much better player than the majority of 3-4 OLBs in the league. When paired up with Ware, it’s hard for us to see it that way. Yes, Spencer is getting judged because of his comments about taking plays off the year before, but how many players would have admitted to that? Zero. He did. He obviously was holding himself accountable and vowed to become better. I say he had a pretty good year last year with what he was asked to do. He’s not asked to do what Demarcus does and he doesn’t rush the passer nearly as much. And because we hadn’t developed anyone behind Spencer, we had no one to replace him. The Cowboys had no choice but to Franchise him and it was a damn good decision based off the circumstances at the moment. You want better play from Anthony Spencer, put some better DEs and or a DT in front of him!

    • lostar2009 says:

      Ha !!!!

      Guy they had rookies come out last year that out played spencer

      1. Aldon Smith
      2. Aaron Kerrigan
      3. Brooks Reed
      4. Von Miller

      Ha!!! And thats just guys i name on the top of my head.. All rookies last year who out played Spencer!!!!

      These guys arent Wares but they are a whole lot better than Spencer.

      • RodHollywood says:

        Those guys play in different schemes and are asked to do completely different things than Spencer is asked to do. I’m not saying that he’s a great player but he’s a good OLB and he’s better than anyone available on the board. Since you’re ready and able to spout players off the top of your head, why don’t you list players that are better WHO ARE ACTUALLY AVAILABLE IN FREE AGENCY?? Easy. There are no better Free Agents, which means you have to rely on the draft. Do you really want to put trust in a rookie who we have no clue will transition well into the NFL? Lack of credible drafting, sure, call it what you will, but we’ve put ourselves in this position to where Anthony Spencer is the best option we have opposite Ware at OLB but if we get him some help up front, it won’t be too bad of an option.

        • So there isn’t any way Victor Butler can do the things Anthony Spencer can do?

          Bullshit. He’s not worth the money. And that’s the issue. Wake up.

          No one is saying there is a head and shoulders better option. Stop arguing that. Victor Butler and vet/rookie playing in tandem opposite Ware can provide just as much production.

          The money saved goes to help in other areas of the team in need of it.

          • Glenn says:

            Again to me, it’s using 8.8M of the available pool of about 20M on the cap. 5M goes to the draft class. Figure 2M to a back up QB. Do you want to resign Robinson, 3-4M? Did you want to entertain a guard or CB? 20M isn’t enough if you want any above average talent. We have enough average to below average players. By tagging Spencer, we didn’t get any better. Not saying he isn’t decent, but certainly not 8.8M special. Spencer just never impacted enough plays consistently to make you want to keep him for the 8.8. We need better DL at all 3 spots to make Spencer & the secondary better. The front end affects the next 2 levels. We have to get after the QB and we aren’t able to do that on 3rd down, key spots or in the 4th quarter! Until we do, we’re staring squarely at average years of 8-8 again.

  5. Glenn says:

    It was a very tough call. We just don’t feel great about the signing. He doesn’t make us better and yet there aren’t many better out there. What we don’t like is using up 8,8M against the cap! That’s the rub. It comes back to poor drafts through the last few years to put better players on the field. Our friend Roy makes a good point that Spencer would be better if we had better rushing DE’s and a more prototypical nose tackle. All too often Ratliff is wiped out of running plays and can’t make a push in the middle.

  6. It comes down to this guys…VERY BAD GM’ing job! If you are managing a team, knowing that one of your main players is up in the contract year, re-do the contract genius!!! You know your team has more holes than a swiss cheese factory and you are willing to put up 3/4 of your cap dollars on a player that should have been address for around 5 to 6 mil…absolute asinine job in the front office if you ask me.

  7. waus says:

    I would call Jerry Jones a horse’s ass, but, that would be disrespectful to horses.

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