DeMarcus Ware – Sports Science – Wow!

Just watch this beast go to work…

The Cowboys really to find some help for him. Imagine having a few other guys on defense making plays besides Sean Lee and Jay Ratliff.

Jerry Jones had better impress me with two great DB pickups in the next two months.


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3 Responses to DeMarcus Ware – Sports Science – Wow!

  1. Suave says:

    Jerry Jones needs to acquire either Finnegan or (preferrably) Carr in free agency, and draft a CB in the first or second round. 2012 will be the final season of MIke Jenkins’s rookie contract. If they draft a top rated CB this year, he could potentially replace Jenkins if they decide to let Jenkins walk. If Jenkins has a good year (comparable to 2009), then re-sign him to a long-term deal. Now, the Cowboys would have THREE good CBs going forward. It’s all about having options and not going into the following season not knowing who will replace a player they decided to not re-sign.

    The Cowboys HAVE to do a better job of building depth for this team, so they won’t be stuck placing the franchise tag on guys like Spencer. It all starts with drafting well and having a system to develop the drafted players into quality starters.

  2. Anonymous says:

    OMG! Such a Beast!

  3. Juz Saying says:

    D. Ware & Whitney Mercilus 2gether n big D(WOW)

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