Could Marty B play catch with Peyton in Miami?

If the Dolphins are wooing Peyton Manning with phrases like “You will play with Martellus Bennett and Brandon Marshall” then they may be insane…

So he’s ready to be a #1 TE huh. The tape says he doesn’t know how to run crisp routes and that he drops passes on occasions when he’s wide open.

Just get him as far away from the Cowboys as possible.


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3 Responses to Could Marty B play catch with Peyton in Miami?

  1. Jose says:

    Fasano, Parcells, Ireland, Sparano and maybe Martellus Bennett too ? Has Miami become the ‘dead end’ for former Cowboys ?

  2. Anonymous says:

    Martellus Bennett does have value, but I can’t STAND HIM! I’ve tried to overlook his moronic comments, but I just can’t stomach that guy. I don’t think he’s as valuable as he thinks he is. He blames the Cowboys that he’s not a breakout football star. I think that’s delusional on his part. He says the Cowboys never gave him a chance. Does anyone else besides him and his family believe that??? The guy is just too goofy, in my opinion, to ever be serious enough to do what it takes to be great. The talent is there, but he’s his own worst enemy.

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