PTTD – Alabama and USC Pro Day reports

There is a good chance the Cowboys could be targeting one of these Alabama defenders in the draft come April…

Kirkpatrick is getting praise from Saban according to league sources so maybe the Cowboys are not worried about his recent mishap with the police. Still love Bill Jones idea about drafting Dont’a Hightower and seeing where he fits.

Completely agree with Mayock putting Upshaw on the DE list now. He just doesn’t have the speed and quickness to be an outside LB in a 34 defense.

Nick Perry is a 43 DE and he could be a good one in that role.


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3 Responses to PTTD – Alabama and USC Pro Day reports

  1. Glenn says:

    I’ve liked what I’ve seen from Hightower too! Seems better than Upshaw. Kirkpatrick would be interesting too, but we s/b able to get a CB in the 2nd round that would be pretty good too! Lot of needs only a few picks.

  2. Da U says:

    I Think Kirkpatrick can be pretty good.

  3. Real Talk says:

    Kirkpatrick& Carr ,I think Cruz & Nicks Juz went hiding in the Closet

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