Evidence Hatcher definitely can’t be team leader

Jason Hatcher recently got his name in the papers for throwing his teammates under the bus by saying the Cowboys have no team leaders.

Now he insults all women fans on Twitter while arguing with some fan who criticied the team…

Go to his Twitter page if you want to read the entire back and forth – go here.

I could care less what the fan said or how wrong she was or how some players think real fans are the ones who only wanna blow sunshine up their ass 24/7.

At no point is it ok for this idiot to talk about women like he’s living in the 1800’s. The fact that he’s not smart enough to avoid this type of nonsense is really the problem. He later says sorry to her and also says he isn’t a robot and has feelings too.

Can you get any softer mentally than letting some fan bring out the worst in you on Twitter? lol. What if this fan was 12 years old?

The type of stupidity Hatcher has shown in the last two months makes me wonder if he’s smart enough to continue to play in Rob Ryan’s defense.

One of the last thing Hatcher said to the fan before realizing it was time to apologize was this…

Perfect example of today’s average player having no real connection to the people who help pay their salaries. This type of player is definitely not team leader material.


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16 Responses to Evidence Hatcher definitely can’t be team leader

  1. Ryan says:

    Things like this, along with a few other things, eventually are going to greatly diminish the standing of the NFL. Average fans are going to lose interest. Who the heck wants to cheer for a team of players to whom they can’t relate, much less if some players basically tell them to f%^& off? I’m not under any illusions that NFL players want to win anything for the fans. But is it too much to ask to not to be insulted? After all, fans buy the tickets, buy the merchandise, buy NFL Sunday Ticket, watch the games and buy things from the sponsors who advertise during the games. If not for fans watching the games, that NFL television package isn’t worth quite as much and won’t bring near as much revenue to the NFL and its teams as it currently does. Literally, if there were no fans, there wouldn’t be any NFL and the vast majority of those players wouldn’t have the opportunity to earn anything close to what they earn as NFL players.

  2. Lil L says:

    Hatcher never said he was leader, and obviously he himself recognized that he is not a leader because he clearly stated that the team had no leaders(including hhimself). So how is he throwing his team under the bus? Isnt he saying what we all have been saying for years now?

    Now answer this one. Why do fans think they can get on this tweeter crap and say whatever they want with no retaliation? Like he Said they have feelings as well. Just because you’re a fan does not give you the right to say what you want to a player and not get any negative feedback. DC I have seen you get upset south people on you’re blog and you have said unnecessary things to them, so why should it be different for him?

    • Hatcher can say whatever he wants. I can say whatever I want. So can you.

      Who will have a womans group on them for their speech?

      Hello! He reps the Dallas Cowboys.

      Hedline – “Dallas Cowboy Jason Hatcher says…”

      Get it now?

      • Lil L says:

        Exactly DC! He can say what he wants.. You do not see a message saying “This comment is approved by the Dallas Cowboys”. Get it?

      • beWARE says:

        I agree with you that what Hatcher said wasn’t very smart…and obviously reflects badly on the Cowboys. I think he needs to understand he’s in the spotlight and his reactions are going to scrutinized more closely than a typical person.
        I think where I can disagree with you and what I think what Lil L was saying was that you put Hatcher down (and other players), call them soft mentally because they react to fan’s negative comments but you do the same thing. Your reactions just don’t have as big a consequence…in that it doesn’t reflect on the Cowboys organization itself. But that doesn’t mean the reactions and “soft mentality” aren’t the same. So it’s hypocritical.

        • Lil L says:

          Exactly, I just dont think it reflects the cowboys just because one individual responded negatively to a ignorant fan. Does anyone believe just because Hatcher said it the whole damn team believes it???

  3. Cindi says:

    I am a female and grew up watching the Cowboys with my dad and brothers. I am a HUGE fan. I follow this team from OTAs, draft, training camp and a win on loss can make or break my football Sunday. His comment about women is disappointing to say the least 😦 No respect for our opinions? Really Hatcher????

  4. Glenn says:

    It’s regretful to see this type of thing. I’m not a fan of this twitter thing, different generation. Puts things out there that can’t be taken back and can be interpreted in various ways. Hatcher didn’t impress me a few weeks ago with his comments about team leadership. Personally, I felt he was referring more to the fact that they didn’t have a Ray Lewis type. Maybe not the brightest bulb in the locker room. He will have a bit of a time facing some old friends in Bradie & Ware and explaining his comments.

  5. James R says:

    Why can’t Hatcher just keep his mouth shut? I think teams need to start restricting some of these players from starting crap like this in the first place. It makes me sick that some of these players are so entitled and have ZERO clue as to how important the fans really are. You wouldnt be playing dumbass if there were no fans. Don’t have ONE slip up during the season bc fans that hate you will pile on.
    And if the Cowboys do win a Super Bowl it won’t be because of you Hatcher. You’ll be gone within a year buddy! Then you can have your chips and beer!

    • Glenn says:

      Enjoyed your response James! I think the constitution prevents the teams from clamping down on free speech. Players want their time in the limelight. It’s worth big money to them to get endorsement deals and having a following probably helps in getting those deals. Can backfire for the less enlightened though. As for him being gone, isn’t it sad that he’s your starter, there’s no one better. He’s a JAG and there’s too many on this team and certainly too many on this defense.

      Does anyone know where our defense ranked the last 8 games of the season? We started fine, but got worse as the season progressed.

  6. chris says:

    just another worthless piece of garbage that needs to be purged from our roster .. calling out people who don’t lead when u don’t lead yourself and now this twitter garbage .. i’ve seen enough send this d-bag packing already .. enough is enough

  7. Anonymous says:

    first of all DC, it’s couldn’t care less, not could care less and I don’t see what the big deal is about some stupid twitter accounts that limits characters to 140 so this is what you get, I don’t have a twitter account and have no reason to get one, it’s stupid and garbage and if people are going to continue to throw out insults and ignorant comment towards players on these accounts, then better be ready to received the same comments in return…

    • Lil L says:

      Are we in grammar class? I missed that memo.

    • Anonymous says:

      “…some stupid twitter accounts that limits characters to 140…”
      Second of all, it’s “accounts that LIMIT characters to 140” or “AN ACCOUNT that limits”, not “accounts that limits characters”.
      “… then better be ready to received the same comments in return…”
      Third of all, it’s ‘receive’, not ‘received’ — as in: When you correct someone’s diction, be ready to RECEIVE the same comments in return.
      Glass houses — what a pain in the ass!

  8. Seth says:

    Hatcher didnt throw his teammates under a bus….he simply pointed out there is no leadership, which is very true and every now and then im sure a fan pisses off a player so just shut the fuck up… Hatcher is a great guy I’ve met him my cousin went to Grambling with him and I’ve been to his Football Camp. Sure he was in a bad mood or something

  9. Troy Saul says:

    When you are in the public eye, you need to be careful what you put out there in the internet. You have to ask yourself, is this something that my kids would want to read? Is it something that would embarras my wife? Would my boss think it is appropriate? Well that may be a bad example with JJ, but Hatcher is clearly not a leader. He made some plays last year, but he is one of those guys on this team that is clearly in love with the star, and what it gives him off the field. But he is not the kind of player that young players need to follow. He clearly has the “paycheck mentality”, just read some of his tweets.

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