Hey Garrett, then why did Spencer play out his contract?

Jason Garrett wishes Spencer was all those things he said he was the other night…

If Jason Garrett wasn’t lying his ass off about all of these things then why wasn’t Anthony Spencer locked into an extension before he played the final year of his deal in 2011?

That’s the question someone needs to get Garrett to answer.


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5 Responses to Hey Garrett, then why did Spencer play out his contract?

  1. Michael S says:

    Nate Newton knows better than to agree with Coop too vigorously since he himself didn’t set the world on fire at his first stop with the Arizona Cardinals. Laurent Robinson didn’t tear it up at his first stop and all I hear is people clamoring for him to get signed to a long term deal with guys like Randy Moss, Marquis Colston, Vincent Jackson, Lee Evans and Mario Manningham to name a few available. HE WAS A THIRD RECEIVER!!!!! How much should he get paid?

    • lostar2009 says:

      Well Robinson was a 3 rd WR but step in a lot as our first WR while Miles and Dez was hurt.

      If anything offer the contract incestive base something like 3 years 10-12 mill, 5 mill guranteed and say an extra 2 mill a season bonus for 10 TDs or more.

      A guy with a great repor with romo like Robinson should be able to stay..

  2. NightSpook says:

    It seems you have some Spencer “hate” going on. lol … I feel your pain, however if I may reccomend, “De-Caf”! … it can only help.

    … and the better option is? Hmmmm, that is what I thought. Best pick out of available choices. The Glen Beck style attack by the announcer is so over the top it is hilarious.

  3. It’s called great GM’ing don’t ya know?!! We are gonna stuck in this mediocre hell for the next decade…if we are lucky.

  4. Da U says:

    Tommy Streeter will be the next Randy Moss!!!!!!

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