Pressure is on Sean Lee to lead this defense

The pressure to lead this defense in 2012 is going to be on third year LB Sean Lee. Since all this leadership talk was bouncing around I remembered a clip I saw with Rob Ryan basically saying that he wants his MLB to be the defensive leader when talking with Randy White and Brad Sham…

Sean Lee is ready for the job in my opinion. He’s now solid in knowing he’s a full time starter and his role will be to make sure these players surrounding him are held accountable for what happens on Sundays.

Bradie James tried to be the guy, but he just wasn’t playing a high enough level. And Keith Brooking tried to take the role but his best days were behind him by the time he arrived in Dallas.

In 2012 Sean Lee will begin his tenure as the #1 defensive leader of the Dallas Cowboys. I don’t need him to be as vocal as Ray Lewis, but it would be nice to see him play at that level for as long as Ray Ray has done in Baltimore.

Right now it’s hard for me to find some positive things to look forward to because every where you look this team is in distress, but on this one I have a very positive outlook.

Here’s the entire interview with Ryan, Sham and White from last summer…

Great stuff with those guys. Love defense way more than offense, lol.


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