Woodson says Cowboys players gave out cash rewards

Here’s Darren Woodson on with Mike and Mike this morning to talk about Bounty Gate…

This whole Bounty thing is kind of silly. Half of these players can’t tackle the QB when they get an open shot never mind aiming a hit to injure the guy. The whole thing is about guys getting a big hit and then talking about it on Mondays and having some little system to reward the efforts.

When someone comes out and says that Gregg Williams walked into a meeting and asked his players to intentionally hurt another player so badly that his career was put into jeopardy then call me. And even if that happened we would have heard long ago about a player popping Williams in the mouth for even suggesting something of that nature.

Think about the amount of the rewards. None of the reported numbers were even substantial enough for a player to entertain the idea of being a dirty player for money. They blow thousands on jewelry and dinner bills on a weekly basis.

Update: Tony Dungy recently said this hit from Phillip Daniels on Peyton Manning was probably the beginning of the problems with his neck…

Gregg Williams was the Defensive Coordinator of the Redskins at this time. Not good for Williams, Phillip Daniels and the NFL. And especially not good for Manning to have to now think that maybe some guy went out of his way to hurt him for a few hundred dollars.

I doubt Daniels was thinking about any bounty stuff while making this play, but we all know that perception often beats reality.


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One Response to Woodson says Cowboys players gave out cash rewards

  1. Glenn says:

    What Woody is talking about is different that what Williams & the Saints have already admitted to. I expect the penalty to be pretty steep considering that Loomis had been warned. Expecting some suspensions at the very least and likely a loss of a few draft choices.

    In watching that Saints / Vikings game I could tell that the defensive game plan included hitting Favre hard on every play and not worrying about penalties that it came with. Didn’t realize it was a bounty, but does it really matter. It was obvious they were out to at the very least wear him down, batter him, get inside his head, by all the repeated shots on handoffs or passes. Knocking him out of the game would have been their ultimate goal. I’ve always felt that William’s defenses were instructed to hit hard, but it’s football. While I’m not in favor of kill shots, I’d like our D to stick a few guys. No one gets those alligator arms going over the middle against us! That’s a problem. You don’t have to intentionally try to hurt someone, but a hit that let’s them know you’re protecting your turf, is what the game is all about. Pads, between the numbers is all we’re asking for!

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