Video: Brooking says Cowboys want him back in 2012

When I first read they wanted him back I was thinking he would be a great assistant coach because we surely know his playing says are over now after seeing him struggle so bad last season…

Next we are gonna hear they are restructuring Terence Newman’s contract and offering Martellus Bennett a multi-year deal to resign.

Kind of sucks that it’s only March and I have no hope for the 2012 season.


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4 Responses to Video: Brooking says Cowboys want him back in 2012

  1. Anonymous says:

    I see nothing wrong with bring Brooking back at vet. minimum to help Bruce Carter along. Teach him how to be a Pro, etc.. I have heard nothing about the Cowboys bringing Bennett or keeping Newman . You, my friend, are reaching on that.

  2. Lil L says:

    He never said that he heard anything on Tnew or bennett, I think you should read a little more. He was being sarcastic in saying thats the stupid shit we do. But for three right price Tnew would be very helpful as a backup and remember the slot duty use to be his until Scandrick got it, I still think he is better than Scandrick..

  3. Anonymous says:

    If they bring brooking back I will lose my mind. He did nothing to benefit the team last year. All I keep hearing is he is a leader well that leadership got us to 8-8. I respect him he was a good player but not anymore. Jerry keeps bring the same guys back the alan balls, spears, scandrick, spencer, sensabaugh, and now brooking. I’m going to lose my mind. How do you expect to get any better if you keep bring back these bums. Get younger more talented. These last two years the defense has been the worst in franchise history. Get this shit together jerry. This is the definition of insanity doing the same thing expecting different results.

  4. Glenn says:

    I agree but only a little. To bring back Brooking to play 15 snaps a game is fine as we develop other players (new draft choices or college FA’s). As much as I and a few others may want to see 5-6 new starters on D, face it, its not happening. If a starter such as Lee or Carter get banged up and are out a game, then he’s an adequate sub, smart and experienced. They aren’t considering bringing him back as a starter. DCF was being sarcastic about Bennett & Newman. With Terrance he’s given us some good years, problem appears to be age and injuries, although a pass rush may help considerably. It’s a question of dealing with his cap numbers that will decide his fate and what they do in the draft with CB’s & FA.

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