Cowboys name Rowdy Offensive Play Caller

Two big moves today for the Cowboys. Jerry Jones has finally made Jason Garrett hand over the play calling duties to the newly announced Offensive Play Caller Rowdy.

Jerry had this to say, “We know it’s a little out of the box thinking for a mascot to be named Offensive Play Caller, but relative to some of the other shit we do as an organization we feel this is the best situation for the Cowboys right now.”

Sources say Jason Garrett is ecstatic about the move because now when Rowdy is coaching up the players he gets to ride around on the famous four wheeler without a helmet.

Tony Romo could not be reached for comment. And Dez Bryant is still at the Northpark Mall, but when he gets back we were told he will release a statement.

In other news the Cowboys officially put the franchise tag on Anthony Spencer, read here.


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5 Responses to Cowboys name Rowdy Offensive Play Caller

  1. Dude…that would be awesome! We’ll be going for Hail Mary every play! In other news, we’re just resort to NFL bottom for years to come by franchising Mr. ALMOST.

  2. DC…any ways we can get attention of the Cowboys writer to do a story of Bruce Irvin? For some reason, i really do think he’s gonna be the one that will carry the torch once Demarcus retires or at least, we will have a Double Headed monters on both ends. I really dig this kid the more i look at his tapes. You know special when you see one…and trust me, i’m no Jerry Jones.

    • travis says:

      Who is Bruce Irvin? or you talking about Bruce Carter?

      • DKnucklehead says:

        Bruce Irvin is an OLB that is expected to be a 1st/2nd round pick this next draft. He’s 6’3″ 245 lbs, and ran a 4.5 at the combine. The has great talent, but he’s had some character concerns as he dropped out of high school and spent some time at a juvenile detention center. He had 14 sacks his junior year, and possesses a great initial jump off the ball and can wreck havoc with his superior athleticism.

        Here is a highlight video of him for his junior year.

        So bottom line is, keep an eye out for him.

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