The Football Show: Breer says Saban vouching for Kirkpatrick

Albert Breer joins The Football Show and has an interesting take from his time at the NFL Combine…

I said it here a few times that Garrett and Saban know each other well and you have to know they are exchanging info on the Alabama players. Good to know Saban is going to bat for his player.

Think most of us are going to ok if the Cowboys draft one of these Bama kids because they all fill a need on this defense.

Cortland Finnegan was a guy I was definitely talking about because of his style of play, but I also like they way that he bounced back from a poor 2010 season in 2011.

Hell bent on fixing this secondary. Then why in the hell did you resign Scandrick and Sensabaugh? I really hope this question doesn’t haunt me all next season.


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5 Responses to The Football Show: Breer says Saban vouching for Kirkpatrick

  1. lostar2009 says:

    I dunno DC give me Hightower.. If this guy can produce an extra 5-6 sacks a season that would be excellent.. Then i would trade up with my 2 nd to grab Chase Minnifield.

  2. chris says:

    i’m starting to become a bit partial to rebuilding our d-line .. take fletcher cox (de) with #14 and take alameda ta’amu (dt) with #45 and than harrison smith (ss) with #82

    i’ll never understand the orlando scandrick extension .. we paid as a starting cb yet the book on him is that when he’s had to play outside he’s been horrible .. he’s never going to be anything more than a slot cb in the nickel package .. just another head scratcher from jerry jones

  3. Scandrick will shadow ANY receiver in the country…with his back turn to the QB of course! lmao. We are at the bottom of secondary in the NFL, any fresh blood is an upgrade and a blessing at this point. My God, is the draft here yet?

  4. The Soothsayer says:

    I would sign Courtland Finnegan in a heartbeat. That guy has a mean streak, and he gets into his opponent’s head. I think he would bring an attitude to the team that is sorely missing.

  5. Glenn says:

    It’s a tough call but the lack of a pass rush or push up the middle is at the center of the problem. If we forgot, by watching the Giants this year, their secondary was pretty bad too through half the season. When they got Tuck & Osi healthy enough then all of a sudden their defensive secondary became instantly better. We get virtually nothing regarding a push on the pocket from Coleman, Spears, Ratliff & Hatcher. QB’s can let the tackles push Ware & Spencer up the field and just step up and inside. What really hurt in the 2nd game with the Giants is when they got the push up the middle and Romo had no where to run. That’s what we need, follow the same script. A collapsing pocket makes a secondary better, no matter who’s back there. We can’t allow QB’s to look over the field for 4-5 seconds. It’s obviously a recipe for disaster.

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