Sturm: The name ‘Franchise Tag’ makes the fans nuts

Bob Sturm talked about NFL teams beginning to franchise players today…

The Cowboys are going to franchise Anthony Spencer from all indications and I called this as soon as the season ended. They like his game and they are giving all of these defenders they are bringing back an excuse for playing poorly last season on the lockout.

I don’t want Spencer near this team. He’s not a playmaker. Forget the overall stat totals for a second. Just tell me when the Cowboys need a big play in December who is going to rise up and make something happen? So far it’s no one.

Bob does make a valid point though about the name ‘Franchise Tag’. It was designed for guys like Drew Brees. Just happens that in certain years some teams don’t really have a true ‘Frahchise Player’ so they use it on a chump like Spencer.

This Cowboys defense was awful in 2011 and yet the Cowboys have rewarded three key parts of that unit with new contracts. Baffling. At this point I am all aboard the ‘anything is better than what I just saw’ train.

Let’s hope the excuse of missing the last offseason due to the lockout winds up being a legit excuse.


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5 Responses to Sturm: The name ‘Franchise Tag’ makes the fans nuts

  1. Now you are talking my language DC!!!. My point exactly when i discuss this with my boys. We need a difference maker opposite of Ware, forget about how Spencer’s role is different blah blah blah…Bull shit!!! If Ware is getting double, triple team ALL THE TIME, your ass better get things done with one on one man! I’ll be really disgusted if they franchise him man 😦 He’s a ok player, but we don’t want ok, we want fucking studs if we want to change this 16 years of heartbreaks.

    God i miss the 90’s….

  2. Anonymous says:

    DC, you are not talking my language? What big play did Ware make in Dec? Spencer is a good player not a great player. Enough of bashing a guy for a lack of sacks. The first thing that needs to change for Rob Ryan. He needs to be more sounded.

    • lostar2009 says:

      I know Ware had how many sacks??? How many TFL???

      I mean spencer will disapear for a whole qtr of a season for real.. Hes a olb sacks is his meal ticket like ints is to dbs..

  3. Glenn says:

    i’m really undecided on Spencer. I agree in that the team is content in signing or bringing back guys (Scandrick, Ratliff & Sensibaugh) that weren’t anything special on a defense that was awful. I’m with you on bringing in anybody new! It’s the result of bad draft choices the last 5-6 years and failing to restock the team. We just don’t have enough draft picks and cap space to replace 5-6 guys. That’s the problem and as a result a guy we feel is average at best could get paid as one of the top 5 at his position. Kind of crazy!

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