Mangini: Trade the farm for Robert Griffin III

First ask yourself what has Tony Romo won as a Dallas Cowboy?

Now since you answered the question above with ‘nothing’ then you should understand why some people would give up anything for the ‘hope for the future’ that comes with a player like RGIII.

Romo used to offer up that hope for me.

Here’s Ian and Mosley on the subject…

Romo has been a great QB. But he’s over 30 and he’s not been able to carry the team on his back to much success. I would love to be talking about RGIII as the future of the Cowboys but I don’t know at what price.

The idea that people want to put a guy like him on the team is completely understandable.


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22 Responses to Mangini: Trade the farm for Robert Griffin III

  1. farrin says:

    And if RG3 is a bust then your standing there holding the goat. With every team in the league laughing at you even harder now. Plus everyone of you would be saying how Jerry F’d up. Put some play makers on the Defense and you are where you wanted be. The Cowboys are not far away like many of you think. If one DB makes a play we could have been in the Superbowl. Romo is not the problem. having a Defense that allows team to drive the length of the field, score at will, complete a 4 and 15 this is the problem this team has had.

  2. Bro, you are letting your emotion carry your sound judgement away. It takes a conglomerate of effort to win. Without Romo, i guaranteed you this team couldn’t win 2 games! Give me a stud opposite of Ware and a DB that can cover someone other than a goal post and i can tell you with certainty, this team can make it to the post season and beyond.

    • Something like 2007 right. Been there and done that. And?

      • Jericho Slim says:

        Like I’ve said before, they lost to a 2007 giants team who beat the pack in green bay, and an undefeated patriots team that they were calling the best in history.

        And, if Crayton had caught the ball, they would have beat the giants.

        Brady lost to that ’07 team with a better team than romo, but of course you blame romo. you’re like a broken record, dude. stop thinking with your heart and think with your head.

        What QB would have beaten that Giants team/ None, because the best QB that year lost to them.

  3. And since when did you start listening to that asshole Smith?!! That Douche will say anything to discredit the Cowboys, even if we would have won the Super Bowl, he would be whining about how lucky we were and Romo is still over rated because we finally had a defense….come on man!

    • Forget Smith. I said at the end of last season I would blow this team up.

      This core group isn’t built of a winning combination.

      How much evidence needs to be on the table?

      • Ok bro…lets say you’re the GM, what are you proposing that we do? Giving we are going to be 20 mil under cap lets say. Lets say we are going with the farm and get RG3. What about our joke of a secondary? Pass rush? If New England can’t win with pretty boy with the same defense we got, what make you think RG3 can do it by himself? I’m not being sarcastic, i truly want a solution as a passionate fan like you are, i’m sick of this shit, but i have to be realistic about it too.

        • Lil L says:

          I agree, this team is a couple if players from going deep. Romo is a better choice right now. I live in Waco and witnessed how RG3 could not stay in the field. This guy is more fragile than Vick, so it will be hard to keep him on the field.

  4. This talk of Robert of Tony is just dumb… Romo IS NOT the friggin problem with this team.

    Let’s put it like this… If Tony is the quarterback for the Baltimore Ravens… He has 2 rings already… Bank it…

  5. Grimes is off the market for us. If we can’t sign Nick then i see us going for Decastro in the 1st. I still think there still a starter at corner in the second and i do see us moving up in the second to get the player we want since we are getting an extra third for losing Bowen? I would be happy with these names: Decastro, ingram, upshaw, Hightower,Janoris, Kirlpatrick, Poe, Ta’ammu, Stephon in the second and George Iloka in the third.

  6. Anonymous says:

    I’m confused??? 1st take show Mangini is totally in agreement with Jerry,but then the radio show is saying Mangini was the one who suggested the Boys should trade up. What gives?

  7. lostar2009 says:

    Man are you guys nuts????

    The draft is all about upside!!!! Intangibles ..etc !!!

    These two qbs coming out has more upside , talent, and ceiling than Romo coming out of college.. One qb is the best qb prospect to come out since P.Manning !!!! The other one is next coming of Vick with a IQ of a Genius, and the accuracey of a laser … OMG!!! Are you guys nuts????

    Rookies these days are on another level than early qbs.. Guys it cant be that much worst 8-8, 6-10, 9-7 all with Romo and no playoffs.. Really guys ? Stop being so sprung on a qb who stats are not even elite.!!!!

    So what we draft in the top 15 again???? lLmao !!!! We been doing that for the past two years guys !!!!

  8. The Soothsayer says:

    There isn’t a general manager in position to draft Luck or RGIII who would take Tony Romo in a trade for either position. It would take Romo, a couple of other players and probably some draft picks, so it’s not going to happen. That is the reality of the situation. Plus, a trade like that would only weaken Dallas, a team with so many holes, it’s laughable to even consider such a trade. Focus on the draft, bring in some free agents, and hope for the best next season. Although I seriously doubt anything will change. This is a .500 team, has been for over a decade.

  9. DaBoogityMan says:

    I dont get the love affair with RGIII. Sorry.

  10. Anonymous says:

    Seen RG3 play in person.. he will not last a direct hit from some of the top LBs – Romo showed us great passion and toughness this season. If he can minimize some of those late game INTs, we have a real shot. The Defense is what needs a major upgrade, you’re bias against Romo is clouding your otherwise spot-on assessment.

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