Did Courtney Upshaw hurt his stock on Monday?

Did Courtney Upshaw hurt his stock on Monday?

I was never convinced Upshaw was a guy who could bend the corner like Ware and put up huge sack numbers, but I was ok with drafting him as long as he could provide maybe 8 sacks a season while being a leader and a bully on the field.

If he gets to the NFL and he’s not able to put up sacks or create havoc in the backfield then he can’t lead anything. At 272 pounds maybe he’s better off playing strong side DE in A 43 defense.

Right now if it was DeCastro and Upshaw sitting at #14 I would go with the Guard.


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3 Responses to Did Courtney Upshaw hurt his stock on Monday?

  1. Anonymous says:

    Spencer is looking better and better by the day, especially when you look at the $$$ that 49ers gave A. Brooks today

  2. Glenn says:

    Upshaw really didn’t help himself, that’s for sure. Way too stiff in the drills. He brings it on the field at a high level, but this is the NFL. I thought Ingram or Coples look like better options, if they are there for the taking. Liked several CB’s too, looked good, speed good. Safeties weren’t that impressive as a group. I’d like to see us take a DL with pass rushing skills in the first round. But CB’s are a big need too. They have to hit in the first two – three rounds with starters, no matter where they play.

  3. farrin says:

    from the looks of it, Poe seems the way to go. He is exactly what we need. that large body in the middle of the defense and move Ratlifft to DE. Now that whats up

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