Why is Dez Bryant friends with an NFL impersonator?

Why is Dez Bryant friends with an NFL impersonator?

I know some of you think I am way too hard on Dez Bryant and that I don’t understand that he’s only a kid right now. Well it’s time to grow up ASAP. Hanging out with criminals whether you know they are one or not is not a good look for Dez Bryant.

I really do hope this video gets back to Jerry Jones and something is said to Dez. Maybe he knows about this already and has cut ties with this loser. That would be great news. But going back to Miami isn’t a great idea either.

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This guy is a straight fool. He has nothing to lose and taking down Dez Bryant’s career would not mean a damn thing to him.

We all want the best for Dez Bryant and the Dallas Cowboys.


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8 Responses to Why is Dez Bryant friends with an NFL impersonator?

  1. Anonymous says:

    I’m not a Dez apologist, but I noticed that Dez is sitting at a booth and the guy shooting the video is standing up. He may not have been with Dez. He may have just ran into him in that restaurant and shot a quick video. The guy is certainly enamoured with NFL players, so I can see why he would want to get Dez on video. It didn’t look like Dez wanted to be in that video at all. Geez…. I hope he’s not hanging with the wrong people. I don’t want to see anything happen to him.

  2. Anonymous says:

    give this video too the dallas news or espn jerry will see when it goes national or it all over the news paper

  3. CG says:

    I agree with you completely but Jerry has tried the route before of monitoring a player 24/7 (Pacman Jones). I’t doesn’t work. Jerry can strongly suggest that Dez make better decisions but at the end of the day…it’s on Dez. I hope he matures and comes around on this before something permanent happens but I don’t think Jerry and the Dallas organization can really force Dez’s hand on this. Thanks for making the fans aware and hopefully some good can come of it.

  4. Anonymous says:

    You let the Cowboys know and they realize you are the only person obsessed with bringing this kid down.

    So now, Dez isn’t allowed to go to Miami?

    They’re probably shaking their heads at you and maybe laughing at you, DC. It’s starting to get embarrassing. I hope Jerry and everyone in the organization are spending their time looking at the draft instead of wasting their time on this.

    • Anonymous says:

      now here’s an example above of someone that goes through life with their head in the sand, you attack DC for what, pointing out a serious issue of an impressonable player(Dez Bryant) hanging out with a guy with highly questionable back ground that’s been charged before for impersonating other celebrities to defraud them and instead of comprehending those facts, you attack DC for posting it or bringing it to the attention of the dallas cowboys…the only people that are laughing, are the people reading your ridiculous comment above!!

  5. Glenn says:

    I watched and listened to your take on Dez and this character. It’s alarming that anything bizarre is possible with such a character buzzing around. It’s a concern and has to be a concern regarding this young man. Hanging around with these type of people can be the undoing of a nice but unassuming person that Dez appears to be. While nothing overly serious has happened to him thus far, the light has to go off that these type of people will get him in serious trouble at some point. In many states, being stopped whereby someone, anyone in the car has either drugs or a weapon, is viewed and prosecuting as if everyone was carrying. His being innocent will have no bearing in such a case. Those are the concerns I have for him and that you DCF are raising a flag about. I will say I don’t believe for a minute that Jerry hasn’t been in touch with his agent regarding these things and has told him to clean it up or he can look elsewhere for a new deal down the road. You won’t hear it, you may not read it, but you can take that to the bank!

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