Greg Ellis talks leadership issues on Cowboys

Remember the guy who would talk about being upset with his contract every year and would whine about his role with the team and that the Cowboys were trying to replace him every season and was talking about playing somewhere else in the locker room right after losing the last regular season game…

Remember that guy. He wants to talk about the Cowboys leadership issues…

Greg Ellis on ESPNDallas – Feb 23

Ellis wasn’t no leader. The guy whined so many times I couldn’t keep count. He barked about being a 34 LB. Then he wanted more money. Then he wanted a long term deal. Then he was upset that they drafted Spencer. Then he was worried about his playing time.

Ellis was about Ellis 100% of the time. Worst leader ever. And it fits that they want to say Ware learned how to be a leader from Ellis.

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One Response to Greg Ellis talks leadership issues on Cowboys

  1. Anonymous says:

    But, I agree with him on one thing – You can be a leader, but if people tell you to F off, what good does it do? And what good does it do if your team is losing? This leadership talk gets ran into the ground in my opinion.

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