Garrett: Giants organization does things the right way

Jason Garrett stopped by the Sirius NFL Radio set at the NFL Combine…

He loves him some Hudson Houck and he loves him some Giants. Damn.

Part of me thinks he was not on board with Hudson Houck being replaced. He sure does go out of his way to talk highly about him. Houck deserves the praise, but this just sounded weird to me because it was a question about Callahan. Maybe it’s just me.

Everything he said about the NFL champs is true though and I fully admit I am jealous it’s not a quality the Cowboys are not known for these days.

He still won’t give it up that he made some monster errors in that Cardinals game.


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One Response to Garrett: Giants organization does things the right way

  1. The Soothsayer says:

    Sorry, but Jason Garrett is a complete idiot. He speaks well, like any other Ivy Leager. He can talk the talk, but he can’t walk the walk. He’s never been a starter on any team in the NFL.

    Fanatic, you once asked what could better prepare someone to be a head coach than being a backup quarterback? Well, Tom Landry’s first position in high school was at center. He also played quarterback, defensive back, and punter. In other words, he played offense, defense and special teams. He led his high school team undefeated as far as they could go.

    Then he enlisted in the military, flew bomber planes in WW II. Now that’s a challenge.

    After that, he enrolled at UT. He got his degree in industrial engineering. He also played football, offense, defense and special teams. He led the Longhorns to a national championship.

    He was a starter in the NFL, and an assitant coach, then later a head coach. It didn’t start off well, but soon he had twenty consecutive winning seasons, more playoff victories than any other coach, and two Super Bowls.

    Jason Garrett has nothing on him. And to be perfectly honest, when the Cowboys put out a picture of Jason Garrett in a suit and fedora, like he’s the next Tom Landry, I printed the picture, took it down to the shooting range, and blasted it with a .357 magnum.

    Seriously, I can’t stand the guy. He’s a loser, because he’s never been a winner. Except for that one Thanksgiving game in 95, maybe that’s why Jerry Jones is so enamored with him. But the fact remains that he isn’t qualified to be a head coach. He doesn’t know offense, defense and special teams. He is what he is, a backup who can talk, but can’t walk.

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