New School: Today’s NFL’ers don’t respect former players

Shan and RJ from New School on The Fan were talking about the recent concerns surrounding the Cowboys leadership and they hit on a good point about the younger players…

I agree 100%. Going back about ten years I remember thinking that the new crop of players coming into the game had no idea about the great players who built this league and had little to no respect for them.

When Roy Williams came to the Cowboys both Michael Irvin and Drew Pearson wanted to help mentor him and work with him at Valley Ranch. He wanted no part of it. Sad.

Same thing with Dez Bryant. I think Tony Romo was forced into talking more with Troy Aikman and Roger Staubach. Even today he’s not using those guys as a resource like most fans would like him to do.

Now think about all these players coming into the league who have respect for the shield and the privilege of playing in the NFL.

Take all this into consideration and it’s easy to see why teams have trouble with all the players coming together and following the team leaders. Some of these kids could care less about team success as long as they are getting paid and they are on Sportscenter’s Top Ten Plays.

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3 Responses to New School: Today’s NFL’ers don’t respect former players

  1. Anonymous says:

    You know what I’m sick of old players bashing young players and all when we played…Every generation says the same thing about every young generation.

    • DaBoogityMan says:

      That is soo true! The difference in now & then — the internet provides everyone the outlet for an opinion to be considered by the rest of the world. Does anyone really think that Roger Staubach knew that much about Eddie LaBaron? Give me a break! Aikman, Emmitt, Irvin didnt have to contend with the internet to this degree when they were winning Super Bowls. Irvin’s Dad was a Cowboys fan so he may have been aware of some team history, but do you honestly think that Moose knew very much about Walt Garrison? Staubach felt that he was a better QB than Morton — which he was, BY FAR. But Staubach basicly told management to “start me, or trade me” — Morton had been the starter on a super bowl team but Staubach felt he was better, and as it turned out, he was. It wasnt Staubach being disrespectful towards Morton, it was Staubach’s confidence in his own ability. That caused a huge QB dust up back then. Believe it or not — there were a lot of folks that felt Morton was the guy to stay with — but the world didnt have every day’s soundbites & quotes at thier fingertips 5 minutes after they occurred. Plus – in Texas, we had Duane Thomas to shift the focus — LOL!

  2. farrin says:

    Believe it or not this is nothing new. New Player never want to hear from old Player. First old player can;t say do it like I did. The Old players are not the reason the New players are where they are. Old Players did the same thing to players before them. irving did not listen to Drew. Aikman did not listen to Rger. They talked after their career was over but not during. So why is this all of a sudden a problem.

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