Garrett says Cowboys have had great leaders in recent years

Jason Garrett sounds like he is ok with the leadership of the Cowboys since he was hired in 2007…

Really? The Cowboys are now known as the team that collapses every season and you think the leadership has been great in Dallas? Baffling.

This team with you as the head coach for a full season just finished the season with a 1-4 record so don’t tell me the leadership has been fine for the Cowboys. Teams with good leadership don’t fall apart when crunch time rolls around.

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2 Responses to Garrett says Cowboys have had great leaders in recent years

  1. Anonymous says:

    If there aren’t any leaders, it’s because the players fight against it. I heard that back in ’09, during the playoff game against the Vikes, Romo went over to help out the D with some things that he saw going on with Favre and he was told to get out using words that couldn’t be reprinted (According to Pam Oliver).
    One person may be open to leadership, and another may find them to be overstepping their boundries.
    Sometimes I wonder if some of these guys have egos that are too big because they wear the STAR. There needs to be more guys coming together. NOT cussing out your QB that is trying to help you.

  2. Glenn says:

    it’s not a lack of leadership, be it players or coaches. We’re finally all standing back a few feet and as we look particularly at the defense, what do we have. The 1-4 is a reflection of the weakness of the squad. Looking position by position on defense, after Ware & Lee, most everyone has questions regarding their ability. Best you can say about some others are didn’t play too bad, but not real good week to week. Depth was terrible this year. When you’re lead back is IR and Sammie (forget his last name) steps in from the couch. Manny Silva a reserve safety, Frank Walker at CB, Kevin Ogletree started as our #3 receiver and rarely could be found and doesn’t do ST’s. We were filling positions with guys who weren’t in camp and hoping they could be a warm body on ST’s and in games if absolutely necessary. Didn’t matter who was your designated leader, in the end you still didn’t have guys on D who could make plays! Kenyon Coleman, Hatcher, Spears, Brooking, James, Newman, Elam to name a few who rarely made a play. Spencer goes MIA, Sean Lee played one handed after a terrific start, Ratliff, sorry, but after midseason he was MIA for the most part. Sensibaugh got nicked up with a foot problem and he couldn’t be found after the Detroit game. Jenkins was much better but couldn’t get on the field without slings, harnesses, etc. Leaders, didn’t matter. Did we forget, like they did what their coverages were after the first 3-4 games. Do we remember Manningham or Nicks running free by 30 yards in the first Giant game? Do we remember the human hurdle? Do we remember 3 yard outs going for 75? Lead all you want, who can follow?

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