Does Garrett even know he screwed up in Arizona?

Was listening to Galloway and Company today and Randy was talking to Todd Archer who had sat down and talked Cowboys with Jason Garrett earlier today. The audio is on the blog below.

In the interview he asks Archer if he spoke with Garrett about those times where it was obvious he screwed up as a coach. Randy is particularly interested in the Cardinals game. Garrett lost that game plain and simple. Garrett froze his kicker and then didn’t know how many timeouts his team had and those issues lost the game.

Well Archer didn’t ask that question, but Adam Schein of Sirius NFL Radio did address this with Garrett in an interview this morning…

He gives you an answer where he never actually answers the question. So far he has never come clean and answered specific question regarding his blunders in Arizona. He just can’t sit there be honest with the fans by letting them know he’s a human being and made some mistakes.

There isn’t anything about the end of the Cardinals game that you would do the same over again. It was a disaster. Just say it already you robot!

Between him and Jerry Jones talking to the media you never get the feel like they want to let on that they make errors. It always seems like you as a fan are supposed to listen to them and know everything will be just fine and you should trust them.

But we don’t fellas. Actions speak a whole lot louder than words.


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One Response to Does Garrett even know he screwed up in Arizona?

  1. Glenn says:

    He handled the time outs badly, no question. But he didn’t ice his kicker. It was a request by Joe D and Boniol, if you watch the video. More to the real deal on the missed FG was LP actually snapped the ball a bit high and McBriar had to reach up. Threw the timing off just a hair and that was enough to prevent it from being in rhythm.

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