Archer says Spencer still in line for Franchise Tag

Here’s Todd Archer on GAC talking about his recent talk with Stephen Jones…

Victor Butler isn’t Lawrence Taylor. Fine. But I don’t see where the Cowboys defense is in such poor shape by playing him and a mid level vet/rookie in place of Anthony Spencer for the 2012 season.

I asked some fans on Twitter to name Anthony Spencer’s signature game or play.

Some mentioned this play…

This is a great play from Spencer. He keeps coming even when the Tackle sends him upfield and he gets the sack fumble to end the game.

Problem is that it’s also the perfect play to make a case not to resign him using the franchise tag.

What you saw is a rare play from Spencer. He needed Ware to chase Grossman from the pocket. And shouldn’t we have at least 8 more of these types of plays where Ware or Ratliff blows up a backfield and Spencer cleans up.

Rafael Vela, , also noted that Spencer also played well in a goalline situation vs Houston back in 2010.

Both of these instances are from September games.

If you want a long term deal or you deserve to be franchised at $8 mil a season you need more than 2 or 3 instances where you shine in September. You need a key sack or some forced fumbles in Decembers games that help the Cowboys make the playoffs.


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One Response to Archer says Spencer still in line for Franchise Tag

  1. Anonymous says:

    Dude, Spencer is rated the second SOLB in the NFL. Is Lamar Woodley better and should have been the pick? Yes and Yes. Spencer is a good player who can be a very good player. Spencer will never be the sack machine that Ware is but he plays run well, good in coverage and durable.

    V. Butler would be killed on the strong side.

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