Stephen Jones has no confidence in Victor Butler

There are some people who are totally against the Cowboys bringing back Anthony Spencer and would like to see if Victor Butler can be the starting OLB for the Cowboys.

Stephen Jones is not one of these people, read here.

Jones said a decision on whether to apply the franchise tag on Spencer, which would cost roughly $8.8 million, has not been made. The Cowboys have until March 5 to tender Spencer. Free agency begins March 13.

“It’s obviously usually a pretty decent [salary] number and it’s not a cap-friendly deal, so that’s probably the hardest thing,” Jones said of the team’s philosophy on the tag. “But at the same time it allows you some protection.”

Spencer, a first-round pick in 2007, has never had more than six sacks in a season.

Jones said the Cowboys do not have an in-house candidate to replace Spencer “right now that we’d feel comfortable plugging in.”

Spencer has 21.5 sacks for his career and has started 47 of the last 48 games since taking over for Ellis in 2009.

“I think he’s performed solidly,” Jones said. “I think he’s a solid player. You keep thinking the production is going to come in terms of what you’re expectations are. You think going into the season that this is the year he’ll get 10-12 sacks. But at the same time you don’t measure a player by sacks only. He’s solid against the run. He gets pressure. He does all of that.”

Spencer was involved in on 403 pass rushing plays last season and had 6 sacks and 9 QB hits. Butler was in on 126 pass rushing plays last season and had 3 sacks and 4 QB hits. How is it out of the realm of possibility that Butler could be just as effective as Spencer? It’s not at all.

And why would you tell the worlk, Cowboys fans and Spencer’s agent that you have no confidence in Butler right now when you may be looking to sign him to another contract?

Way to give away any bargaining leverage Stephen. He’s as smart as his father. SMH.

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3 Responses to Stephen Jones has no confidence in Victor Butler

  1. lostar2009 says:

    They dont have faith in Butler but they do in ball!!!! ROFL !!!!!!

    Plz!!!!! Allow the unworthy to pass and make due!!! Why would you want to place a 8 m dollar take on Spencer???? 8 m means he has been probowl level productive not like the way he has been playing..

    This team mangment sucks so dam bad it dam hurts.. why pay the guy 8 when you could pay him 4 or 5???? Wtf plz!!!! Somebody explain what these. Fools are thinking ?

  2. Anonymous says:

    What bargining leverage? Either tag him or don’t, their not going to sign him to a multi and the tag price is set,also Spencer has no choice but to sit out if he’s not happy.Thats not the case cuz he knows he can’t get 8mil this year any where else.
    Reason I checked ya is because you have became so negative with almost everything on this site.
    Been coming here bout 4 years and dcfanatic is by far my favorite NFL site,you make everything Cowboys real convenient,and it’s appreciated.
    We are starting a new season and anything is possible in the NFL!
    Let’s get some positivity going,the last season was hard enough,just a suggestion,no beef!!

    • Why don’t you think they would offer him a three year deal? Nothing is out of reach with this team. They just gave Scan and Sensa deals.

      If you want a positivity blog go check out the Giants blogs. Right now it’s about dissecting the team and weeding out the stuff that held you back from winning in 2011.

      Come May we will know what team is hitting the field in 2012. That’s when some hope will return.

      Maybe, lol.

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