Woodson: Leadership is about actions not words

Here’s Darren Woodson on with Ben and Skin to talk about the recent leadership issues brought up by Jason Hatcher’s comments…

Woody on Ben and Skin – Feb 21

Can you see DeMarcus Ware getting on someone for walking into a meeting late? Nah. That’s not his style. He’s a big teddy bear 24/7.

Dez Bryant has been called out numerous times for getting fined loads of money for being late to meetings and yet every time we hear from Romo or Witten all they have to say is that Dez is the greatest thing since sliced bread.

I think Woody is a little confused about what Hatcher was telling the fans. He was not talking about rah rah speeches. The idea behind his words was that there is no ‘captain of the ship’ on this team. This ship is just sailing around the world without a mapped out destination.

This team is full of self promoters. Not so sure about self motivators though.

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5 Responses to Woodson: Leadership is about actions not words

  1. Anonymous says:

    Leadership is so over-rated.. It was the same thing was being said about the Giants after the Saints game. The Cowboys need to make plays to close out games; losing 5 games when you have the lead in the 4th quarter. The Cowboys don’t have a leadership problem; they have a heart problem.

  2. Glenn says:

    I would think it’s the HC’s job to lean on players if they are late or not where they should be. That’s their job, not another player, they have to do their job. I do feel that their needs to be a captain who might need to tell someone to get it in gear, get with the program. Today’s players are islands unto themselves. Not easy to reach them. They don’t want a guy making 1M to tell them anything when they make 3M and they don’t want a guy making 10M telling them what to do. Ever notice how when the players don’t produce the coach or manager gets fired, not the players.

    I don’t think they lack heart, I think they lack talent. This is a weak roster 10-53.

  3. The Soothsayer says:

    Darren Woodson’a exactly correct. He’s my favorite Cowboy from the Jimmy Johnson era. That man was a player.

    And i’d have put him in the ring of honor a whole lot sooner than Charles Haley.

    But you know Jerry Jones. He has magpie sydrome; he likes bright shiny things.

    Yeah, Haley was the missing link. But the Cowboys didn’t start winning Super Bowls until Woodson was drafted. He was the original talent.

    I just don’t believe that anyone who was not drafted by Dallas belongs in the Ring of Honor.

  4. fajohns says:

    Come on man, these are grown men not high school kids. There is no one leader who is putting players in their place. The Coaches enforce players being late, not the players. the player correct the player in the area on the field. The LBs correct each other and the DBs correct each other. When hatcher speaks of ray Lewis, he is mostly talking about that guy who commands the room when the camera around. the guy who takes the heat off because they are gonna be asked the questions. We can’t have that guy because Jerry wants that position and no other player can stand up. The owner wants the Limelight.

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