Ware is fine with Cowboys leadership

DeMarcus Ware could have easily called up Ben and Skin to dispute the claims of Jason Hatcher, but instead he just gave a statement while attending some motorcross event at Cowboys Stadium, read here.

Ware, speaking Saturday night while representing Red Bull at the Supercross event at Cowboys Stadium, said the Cowboys are just fine in the leadership department.

“The thing is on our team, there’s not a guy who is just a straight up, solitary leader. I think it comes as a whole,” Ware said. “You got to look at it as we have [Tony] Romo, we have [Jason] Witten, you have me, Bradie James, Sean Lee. Everybody has their role and they take on that leadership role when it’s needed. Every team doesn’t need just a one-time guy who is like the leader of that team. If everybody is checking everybody, that’s all you need. There comes a time to step up when it’s time to step up and get the job done.”

Oh ok so then everything is all fine, lol.

This core group is players is never on the same page for an entire 60 minute football game and now we know they are not on the same page during the offseason as well.

Ware blowing off the issue as if it’s no big deal and giving out a one paragraph quote at a time where he isn’t even looking to be interviewed is a problem. This tells you that like Hatcher said the players are not ‘going in one direction’.

And it’s not just Ware. There are plenty of guys on this team who could have stepped to the plate with Ben and Skin to clear up the issue. During this interview that never happened I would hope the player or players would acknowledge what Hatcher is saying as something real and not brush it off as if he hasn’t been in the same locker room with these guys for years now.

These are your Dallas Cowboys.


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One Response to Ware is fine with Cowboys leadership

  1. The Soothsayer says:

    A motorcross event? Women’s bowling, an opera on the big screen, concerts, rodeos, monster truck rallies. It’s all about promoting the stadium. You know why? Because Jerry Jones needs the money to service his debt. And that’s a fact.

    But you’re right, Fanatic, these Cowboys are not on the same page. The would do a lot better job of promoting the team and the stadium by winning football games.

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