Jerry Jones tried to buy some old gloves

Jerry Jones tried to spend a million dollars recently, read here.

Jones reportedly put up a bid of $1 million for a pair of Ali’s gloves at a recent auction, but didn’t win the decades-old mitts–losing out to UFC co-owner Lorenzo Fertitta, who reportedly won the gloves, which were worn by Ali in a 1965 fight with Floyd Patterson, with a bid of $1.1 million.

The Dallas Cowboys’ owner and general manager has taken a serious interest in boxing of late. Manny Pacquiao has fought at Cowboys Stadium twice now, and Jerry has been outspoken in his interest in trying to draw Pacquiao-Mayweather, if that fight ever happens, to Arlington.

I thought this guy was having money problems? Spending all that money on an old pair of boxing gloves is silly. Pay me a million dollars I will buy some news gloves and fight a muzzled grizzly bear in a steel cage match.


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2 Responses to Jerry Jones tried to buy some old gloves

  1. thacover2 says:

    lol how can anyone think he has money issues or any financial strain at all. Jerry’s World should pay for itself in the next season or two.

  2. The Soothsayer says:

    Jerry Jones has money. I’m sure he pays himself well. That doesn’t mean he doesn’t have money problems. The highest paid roster in the league for an 8-8 team? Please.

    There was talk last year about plans to set up an Olympic sized pool on the field so he could host a swim meet. That’s how ridiculous Jerry World has become. He needs revenue.

    Texas Stadium was all about football. Jerry World is about everything but.

    Oh, and I notice he didn’t win that auction. What, he can come up with $1 million, but he can’t come up with $1.2 million? Well, maybe he could if he fielded a winning football team.

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