Where are the team leaders disputing Jason Hatcher?

Goose Gosselin makes some excellent points in this edition of Sportsday Onair, but the point about no players coming out to hold Jason Hatcher accountable for throwing his teammates under the bus while telling the fans that the Cowboys do have team leaders is very telling…

Where are Ware, Ratliff, Romo, Witten, etc doing an interview to dispute Hatcher’s comments. Shouldn’t some of them want to get out there and stand up as a team leader?

I do agree with these guys that Sean Lee is on the fast track to be the next great team leader.


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2 Responses to Where are the team leaders disputing Jason Hatcher?

  1. Anonymous says:

    Demarcus ware made a comment don’t know you saw it. He was at some event.

  2. Glenn says:

    Having worked inside the NY media, I find this video to be a throw back to the old days for me. Fraley talks as he is though he is an elitist. While I’ll agree to a point that we may not have any or many natural leaders, it’s as much a matter of what they perceive or what these reporters want to see. They live & report by the negative for the most part and report by who they like based on who talks to them and gives them great quotes. I’ve seen guys get run out of town because of what writers did to them in critiquing their play. Now Romo is not be the leader they want to see, same for Ware. They hate both of their interviews and those of Garrett, they are so bland and boring. These guys can’t say a word without it being scrutinized and mostly negatively. Watch what they say, watch the headlines from their paper. It’s all got a negative slant, regardless of who it’s about. They are the best GM’s in the business, just ask them. Not that Jerry has impressed us the last 10 or so years either, but they know better! What made them authorities on the game?

    Remember how Cosell was disliked? Why did the writers rip him up? Truth was that when he first got rolling he was maybe the first to do post game interviews (football) live. He got the marquee players on and got the quotes of the day. What was left for the beat writers? Nothing that made them stand out. The good stuff was gone and they were left holding the bag. Their editiors weren’t happy and they were ripped into pretty good. It was the spring board for Cosell’s career. If you wanted to hear what Ali had to say, where did you get it from? Nothing different here. I can tell that most players don’t give these guys much more than their Wednesday mandatory session. Would you?

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