Garrett: Romo is the biggest playmaker on the Cowboys

Jason Garrett sits down with very good friend Babe Laufenberg to talk Dallas Cowboys…

You really are not going to get Babe Laufenberg to challenge Garrett because of the long standing friendship.

I do like Garrett’s answers about the daily challenge. He loves the game of football. It’s been the background music of his life. But there are too many times when he doesn’t understand the human element is far more important than the x’s and o’s.

At times Garrett looks baffled at how a play didn’t work or how his defense didn’t get a stop when it was needed. He depends on the idea that everyone can execute his offense as if they have his brain in their head.

Sometimes Dez Bryant sometimes doesn’t know his plays. Sometimes Tony Romo is going to make a bad decision. Sometimes the offensive line will miss blocks.

It’s Garrett’s job to try and know when these things are going to happen because he knows the players and their abilities in his offense. A very hard job for anyone to do, but it’s the one he chose.


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2 Responses to Garrett: Romo is the biggest playmaker on the Cowboys

  1. cowboyfan45 says:

    babe laufenberg said it best, waste of time to ask Garrett about firing Jerry…same thought I had while watching Babe’s interview of garrett, WASTE OF TIME!!!!!!!! Babe is nothing more than a puppet for Jerry Jones and so is Jason Garrett…

  2. I disagree with your analysis. I don’t think Garrett looks baffled. I also think he’s well aware of the ‘human element’.

    I think the mistake many folks make is to assume the same JG you and I see is the same one the players, coaches and everyone in the organization sees.

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