The Football Show – Spencer, Hatcher, Free Agency, Draft

The Football Show got to talking about all the issues surrounding the Cowboys these days…

The Combine starts Thursday. Right now I want Nicks, Matt Roth and Robinson in Free Agency. Then draft a CB, pass rusher, safey and a DE in the first four rounds.

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2 Responses to The Football Show – Spencer, Hatcher, Free Agency, Draft

  1. Anonymous says:

    Agree with everyplayer you said matt roth he’s worst than spencer.

  2. Glenn says:

    I found it interesting about the discussion about leaders on this team, particularly on D. Sounds like Hatcher doesn’t seem to respect any leader that may be on the defense first, offense 2nd. The clips of these guys assessing the situation was probably reasonable. Go back a few years and Parcells was the real leader, no one else was allowed to move into that role. TO took over and that wasn’t a good direction for this team. They mentioned how Bradie James feels he’s the leader on defense but as his skills have diminished, who listens. Ware doesn’t appear to be that type of guy and with Bradie around Sean Lee isn’t likely to step on those toes as the changing of the guard occurs. We need better players period. Winning breeds confidence and as a team we don’t have that bravado. They really don’t know if they can win big games. They watch their break downs just like we do. Defense & special teams towards the end of the season were poor. In our front 7, I only see 2 guys that are solid, upgrades are needed in the other 5 spots! That won’t happen in one draft or with 1 or 2 FA signings. We don’t need another Kenyon Coleman type. Filled a spot, but didn’t help improve the squad.

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