NFC East: The Offseason Priorities – Feb 17

John Clayton and the NFL Live crew talk about the NFC East priorities…

If the Redskins get a legit QB they are going to contend for the NFC East next season. Shanny is a good coach and they have $47 mil in cap space to go get good players in Free Agency.

The Giants and Eagles are already ahead of the Cowboys based on the second half of last season.

The Cowboys are going to have to really do some great work over the next few months to build a team that can hang with the other three opponents in this division.


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One Response to NFC East: The Offseason Priorities – Feb 17

  1. Glenn says:

    Well said DCF! This team is so weak at too many positions, middle of O Line and have your pick on defense. Bad drafts in 08′ and 09′ are killing this current squad. Only 13M of cap space after draft budget and they are considering bringing back Spencer at 8.8M. In doing that, we haven’t improved through FA by one player, if all we did is keep one of our own. Not even counting Robinson yet. To keep both of them most of that 13M will be gone. This team needs 2 years of good drafts and some good fortune in finding some solid players in FA. I’m looking forward to maybe 2013 to have any real shot, but that’s finding 6 new starters in the 2 drafts, plus 2 key FA’s. That’s why hearing people rip Romo is insane. He’s play & scrambling is about the only thing that gives us any chance of winning games. Sadly, we may have missed our chances with him taking us to another SB unless this team can improve it’s roster dramatically. We currently have a lot of work to do to be competitive in our own division. If not for Romo’s miracles against the Skins we could have been 0-6 and yes, those were 2 of our better defensive stands. Yet Rex the Magnificent scared us in both and that’s really sad!

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