Jason Garrett sits down with Dale Hansen

If there is someone who comes off as more of a jerkoff than Dale Hansen let me know because I can’t see anyone outdoing him…

Of course it’s a great job. He’s getting paid millions to coach football and if the team stinks no one can ever put all the blame on him because of the disaster that is Jerry Jones.

It would be a stretch to say Garrett is just acting like a robot because of the pressure of being the coach of this team. He’s a playbook geek. Don’t expect him to ever become Bill Parcells in his pressers or in these types of interviews.

Jerry Jones. Jason Garrett. Tony Romo. Those three names just don’t make me feel confident for the near future of the Dallas Cowboys. Sucks to feel this way, but honesty has always been my thing on this blog.


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4 Responses to Jason Garrett sits down with Dale Hansen

  1. Glenn says:

    First of all, I believe Jerry wants to have Jason as his head coach for the next 10 years regardless of their W-L’s the next few years. He wants that continuity that he’s mentioned about several other teams, Pats, Steelers, Giants, etc. As for Garrett the Robot, it’s what we’ve turned some high profile people into. I worked in the press boxes of NY for 7 years and watched close up how the sports writers would try to take down an athlete or coach / manager. Remember Bill Martin? They clearly got Billy to talk, while drinking and he got fired for it. Remember Al Campanis? All too often, especially with our high visibility anything said by Jerry in particular is twisted and turned to be a knock on someone. He commended Eli for his performance down the stretch and it was written as a knock on Romo. Just look how the DMN twists the head line versus the quoted words of someone. They force Garrett into safe and canned answers. Parcells was contentious in his pressers and would humiliate a writer for a stupid question. If you noticed these writers didn’t elect him into the HOF. Same for Cris Carter, who wasn’t a writers best friend either. Watch any QB in interviews and they are all the most dull clips. Watch the diva’s, the WR’s and you can get them to say anything stupid. Got Moss run out of NE & MN and TO out of every city he’s been to.

  2. NO says:

    Tony Romo doesn’t make you feel confident ? Wow how ungrateful you are to have a top 10 nfl quarterback and not feel confident lol.. Perhaps you just miss the dave campo years.

  3. Glenn says:

    I’m behind Romo, 100%, but not equally confident behind the middle of that offensive line. The area of least confidence is the Defense. Until they can make serious upgrades and make key stops on D, this team goes nowhere. Sad but true!

  4. Anonymous says:

    You are right! NO ONE comes off as a bigger jerk than Dale. He loves to bash the Cowboys franchise and especially Jerry. I had a person I went to high school with tell me, “Haven’t you heard what Dale Hansen has to say? Everyone needs to stop backing the Cowboys and that evil owner and start pulling for the Texans!”. Idiot friend :/ I nearly unfriended her on FB. But I did tell her what I thought of Dale Hansen and his opinion. I also told her that I would stop watching football before I would pull for the damn Texans. Those fans have a major inferiority complex and HATE Dallas and the Cowboys. Screw them. lol

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