Hatcher was talking to DeMarcus Ware today

After all the talk about the Cowboys not having enough leadership in the locker room we now have Jason Hatcher basically calling out DeMarcus Ware today…

Hatcher on Ben and Skin – Feb 17

You can’t convince me that Jason Hatcher along with all the listeners were not picturing the face of DeMarcus Ware as he was saying those comments.

And to bring up Ray Lewis. We all know there isn’t anyone on this defense in that category. Keith Brooking tried to be that guy, but he was a guy on the decline who talked a great game and then went out and got whipped all day.

This leader the team is searching for wears #94. He’s been here his entire career and he’s one of the best in the game. His legacy will be that he was a great numbers guy who never won anything if he doesn’t hear this call and start doing more to lead this young defense.

Sean Lee. He’s been on the team two seasons and he’s more of a leader than DeMarcus Ware is and this isn’t me talking it’s Jason Hatcher who’s been in the locker room.


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5 Responses to Hatcher was talking to DeMarcus Ware today

  1. romo sucks says:

    demarcus ware, tony romo…both are not naturally vocal. we’ve been desperately needing a leader since woody retired. it’s a shame these guys with so much talent refuse to step up and be vocal.

  2. Anonymous says:

    Nobody is in ray lewis category but someone has to be. Sean lee and jay ratliff is to be more of the leaders. I like that I feel a middle linebacker should be the leader. Sean lee calls the plays and puts people in position. We need somebody in the secondary to lead bad. Someone at safety. My problem with players who don’t want to be led. Players who run there mouth to the media. We need to get them out. Ware tries to lead by example but that doesn’t work because there are only a few players that work as hard as he does on defense. We have too many players that blow assignments. I bet if ware was on the patriots or green bay he would be considered a leader.

  3. Seth says:

    dude this is what ive been saying sean lee is more of a leader than ware! hatcher called it right and ware shouldnt be mad at all he should take notes right now hatcher calling them out, is proving he is a leader and this is the first year he started(with respect and he is my favorite player and ive met him he is an awesome guy) this will start a controversy im sure of it…. then the issue will HAVE to be addressed! need more guys like Hatcher who are concerned about the team, not there paycheck

  4. DaBoogityMan says:

    I have a novel idea for Mr Hatcher. Since he feels that the Cowboys are in great need of this drum-beating Ray-esque leader on defense — why doesnt HE step up there & be that guy? I didnt take that clip as a shot at Ware — I heard an unintended admission of his own lack of leadership abilities!

  5. Marktui says:

    Leadership comes naturally. You can’t fake being a leader. How about leading by example? Ware gets carted off the field on a stretcher doesn’t practice all week and goes into a game 6 days later! How about getting busted ribs and getting back into the game after being out one quarter and not being able to breathe?

    How about being a professional and getting YOUR own assignment and job done. Leadership is the new buzz question this year. I get pretty sick of hearing it. You get paid to play football, stop looking for others to tell you “What time is it!!” “Any dogs in the house!’.

    I didn’t listen to the interview, but if he did throw Ware under the bus, shame on him. Did Ware’s lack of leadership cause you to be a non factor in the defense?? Did it cause you not to get pressure on Eli when the game was on the line?

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